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How can i use VK for deep meditation.

edited October 2017 in Spirituality Discussion

I tried to meditate with VK but every time I get distracted with my life problems. I just want a good meditation session. Earlier it was powerful with VK but now it's just not happening. Can you tell me what do I do


  • VK can help in the meditation. For this, sit quietly in a meditative pose and hold VK in between both hands, now simply place a request to VK like "VK please give me deeper possible meditative trance", now focus on the heart center and meditate, or follow your own way of doing meditation.

  • Thankyou very much . Now i understand how to request .
  • One of the best experiences of meditation I experienced was under Sir's guidance and instructions. We held VK with one hand and requested VK to send energies to a set of people. Then we started rotating VK with one hand with our eyes closed. Rotations were very slow and movements were very small . Rotation was more in our mind if you can understand. As I felt a burst of energy flowing through from my VK , I was also drifted to a meditative trance . The slower the movement ,the more the energy felt pouring from VK, the deeper I went in my state. I had no intention of meditation nor did Sir tell us we were going to meditate.I could hear Sir asking me to open my eyes but somehow I was unable to do so. I almost felt like I was being tested while I was under a spell. Wanting to open my eyes but unable to do so . Completely aware of my trance like state I had no inclination to be called back into this world. Finally I did open my eyes . This was one of the most memorable experiences of meditation which we experienced while the intention was to heal other people. Beautiful message and learning by Sir for all of us .Thank you Sir for this beautiful experience.
  • Wow sir this is so simple request to VK for meditation and spiritual practices.
    Thankyou suchita ji for sharing your wonderful experience.
    Thats amazing :)
    I practice Golden heart blessing meditation
    This gives me huge relaxation and calmness i feel like floating in air

  • I have a doubt here.. What is the best time to do Golden Heart Blessing meditation..

    I am currently doing at night before sleeping.. As I will already be tired.. I am falling asleep while in meditation or hurrying up to finish it as early as possible, as I have to sleep n get up for next day tasks..

    Here I feel.. How will this meditation work for me when I am in hurry to finish or fall asleep while doing it.. I feel bad next day that I am not doing it in right way..

    Please clear my confusion.. Thanks in advance!
  • @Madhoo
    If you fall asleep, its ok. But you may miss blessing some part of your life which you want to if thats your wish.

    When we do blessing meditation it should be from our heart and not as a compulsion.
    We are enhancing our blessings with VK.

    You can please do it in daytime when you don't have the pressure for next task ideally.

    Any meditation should be done when you are free and not in a hurry.

    I fall asleep many times in meditation even when its daytime, thats ok. I guess VK knows that we need to go into deeper level within sleep. So it manifests sleep .....

  • Sure.. Thanks Rakhi Ji..
    That was the problem I missed to bless few n fell asleep..
    How many a times can we do this GHM in a day ?
  • @Madhoo

    Frequency depends on your own inner guidance. You can do as you feel to

  • Thank you so much Rakhi Ji.. :blush:
  • Golden sunrise @madhoo ji
    Please don't think much over best time , best position and outcome of meditation or any specific result.
    One of The motive for doing meditation is to calm and relax the mind with its thought pattern .
    When you got sleep during meditation is wonderful enjoy your sleep and relax .
    Please don't feel bad for not finishing the meditation .
    The GOLDEN heart blessing meditation at our website is a sample with method.
    U can create your own blessings and you can carry on with it any time as per your convenience
  • Golden Sunrise Puneet Ji..
    Thank you for your valuable inputs..

    I will surely follow my inner guidance with this meditation and share my experiences..

    Thanks again Rakhi Ji and Puneet Ji.. :blush:
  • I take four doses of Mood Up Serum, All clear Serum, Aura flush energy , Chkra flush energy, Golden Sunrise before and after my meditation. Now I go in deep easily.
  • @mukeshmg
    You can also use BALANCE SERUM instead of Aura/Chakra Flush.....

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