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Pain cream......charged with VK helping many

edited October 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I make a pain lotion with a lot of different Oils that is quit effective as it is, But I would like to boost this recipe using VK. My idea was to add PCS, Balance, of course GOLDEN SUNRISE and gym serum. Would you suggest anything else? This is for the public's usage. Thank you dear teachers. We are so appreciative.


  • Wow thats wonderful idea @Pollyanna ji please go through with the Above Serums to charge that oil with VK.
    You can also add energy of MMM.
    Please do share your experiences with us.
  • This has worked very well. I can't keep it in stock. Thank you and my clients thank you too. <3

  • @Pollyanna

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thanks for sharing. Great that many are getting benefitted through your efforts !!

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your healing ways !!

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and its simple ways !!

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