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Create interest in studies and stick on to the decision taken without any confusion and doubt

edited July 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
VK Is doing wonders for major problem is solved with the help of vk.My son who was suffering in hostel due to teasing,who refused to stay there...went back to hostel on his own decision.
.....this was done with the help of vk.
I requested vk ..."to help my son and lead him to what is best for his personal,career growth and wellbeing"
I also charged his water bottle with

Astrologer told that jupiter is weak in his horoscope so he will be suffering like this till next year march..if he stays with his mother he will be ok

I requested VK to send BALANCE SERUM to my sons horoscope. And i also placed vk on the horoscope after request .

My son he himself said he will go back to hostel,but he is saying that...when he sits for studying he is not having interest and he is getting the thougts which he was hurted or teased by others.

He is so sensitive in nature


And please help me to create interest in studies and to stick on to his decision without having wavering of thougts....

THANKS TO SHARATH SIR,VK TEAM, And thanks to all beloved people who helped me.
I appreciate your timely help and response



  • @Madhursr


    Happy to read this. Thanks for following all the guidance. Thank you for sharing your experience

    Please read about BALANCE SERUM , how it helps in 23 unique ways..........especially Point no 3,4 , 13, and 17 for your son.

    You have used BALANCE SERUM for his horoscope, you can even charge it with ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    If you still want to mimic crystals, please read the main article on MIMICKING and this learning post on Mimicking IN BASICS OF VIBBES KADA on this forum.

    Also Sharat Sir guides that we should not focus on horoscopes or past life events....focus your intention on CREATING A GOOD LIFE.

    Personally i wonder how talented these astrologers are..... to predict planetary dosha and correlate it with studies or student behaviours.

    Because the situation which you have mentioned would be with almost every child who goes away from home in a new hostel environment. Is it really because of JUPITER or home needs to be more communicative and encouraging especially with children away from home.

    The energy of PEACE LOVE JOY is helping along with supportive parents like you. And BRAVO SERUM to face new environment.

    Your question
    "And please help me to create interest in studies and to stick on to his decision without having wavering of thougts...."

    Reply : Just say this in your own words. Continue healing....Just omit the words "Without wavering of thoughts" instead say VK GOLDEN SUNRISE **help MY SON TO ENJOY STUDYING IN HOSTEL AND DO VERY WELL WITH STUDIES. HE MAKES GOOD FRIENDS AND ENJOYS THE COMPANY. HIS THOUGHTS ARE BALANCED AND POSITIVE TOWARDS HIS CAREER. Must read this article

    You can use STUDY SERUM with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM which will help him to focus and choose a good career.

  • Thank you so much madam. You are amazing, Divine blessed you with lot of patience and helping attitude. :gugup2
  • I will defintely follow all the suggestions and guidance
    Yesterday morning son was teases again in the boy trimmed hair of my son from back side ..and he was also locked in son complained to principle sir. The principle warned the boy and consoled my son.

    We asked him to come back to home and continue as day scholar, but he said he will continue there only...

    But he called me now and said...he is not having enough sleep, so he is sleepy in the class not able to listen properly to the lessons he asked shall i come back...?

    If he will have proper sleep at night ,or if he can control his sleepiness...he might be able to study in hostel....

    Can GYM SERUM be given for controlling his sleep..or should i add some more serums...? Please suggest me...

    Or shall i ask him to come back home...?

    I have to act quickly because..its already two months passed as college started.

    Please any suggestions and corrections...??
  • @Madhursr


    @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor has guided to get your son back home.

    You can immediately initiate his college admission process near your place.

    If there are already good options of studies while staying with parents at home....then it is not worth to expose children with such treatments you described above and he wanting to come back for good.

    Send BRAVO SERUM to him.

    Give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to him and his educational career.

    Send GOLDEN SUNRISE to his admission process and papers in the new institute near your place.

    Later you can support him with STUDY SERUM BRAIN SERUM to catch up with new institute study program.

    Regarding your question on GYM gives strength and flexibility to body. But nothing can replace good sleep especially for students in long run. His lack of sleep and low focus in classroom is probably due to mental stress.

    When children or even adults .study more their eyes get tired and sleepy....we use EYE SERUM and PERFECT HEALTH cope up with long study hours. I use this combination regularly.

    Check this VK Tip 41
  • Thank you so much...madam
    Thank you sharat sir.
    Thank you
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