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Cracked hand bone healed fully.

Playing with kids, my right hand got twist,that time I didn't felt much pain, but after an hour my hand got swelling, pain so severe that even movement was tuff. I started vob with one vk, other vk, I start giving pain care serum *3+all clear serum*3 + golden sunrise. I keep doing for 5-6 hours. 50-60 % difference ,I can feel. Next morning I charge my ointment with all clear serum + pain care seru,. applied it...,but still after a week it was nt healed week.. I requested vk to get me out of this situation, guide me,so I was guided to take calcium, now after two weeks completely fine n fit. Thanks to vk, sharat sir.


  • @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher

    Thanks for sharing always to motivate all here.

    With VK when you are mimicking Calcium energy you can add Vitamin D energy also both with safety and security. Calcium is best absorbed with Vit D and both are required for healthy bones. And its a great combination for all women.

    I have not taken Vitamin D and Calcium tablets after i got VK in my life. I simply mimick it for healthy bones.
  • Oh great, yeah sure I will add vitamin D along with calcium.
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