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Miraculous Transformation after Installation of Vibbes Seeder

Golden Sunrise

Sharing an experience of VIBBES SEEDER at a close family friend’s place. Their home was also considered as a part of the experimentation process much before the launch of V.S.

Before the Seeder was installed at their home, we had observed the following anomalies that were affecting the residents and other members that visited the household:

  1. Complete Vastu Imbalance
    * The Vaastu of the property and the household construction was completely opposite of what it should ideally have been. e.g.
    o The entrance of the home is in the S.W. with maximum open space (porch) in that region.
    o The Living area is in the S.E and Kitchen in the S.W.
    o Master Bedroom in the N.E. and all the rooms are in the North itself.
    o They also have a dedicated space for Office but that too is in the N.E.
    * So, as you may observe it’s a total imbalance and since the Head Office is in the same area the finances were also getting majorly affected.

  2. When checked through our tools used for measuring the Energy Readings, I found the, Energy levels of the Brahmasthan was in Minus. Ideally the readings should be in Positive and at least above 50.

  3. Also, I found debris of past black magic and spirit attacks, which was later also confirmed by the owner of the house that there was a powerful BM attack done on them around 5-6 years back, but he was surprised when I told him that the debris of the same is still there in their premises and is still affecting them.
  4. There were 4 Negative Vortex’s in the home as well, probably due to the effect of past BM and it was also one of the major reasons for the poor energy readings at the Brahmasthan.
  5. There was also an effect of Evil Eye in the premises but compared to the above problems it seemed to be miniscule.

As mentioned earlier this property was a part of the experimentation process and due to the phenomenal success of the experiment, the property owner immediately purchased the V.S. once it was created by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor, even before it was officially launched. Following are the observations after the experiment and installation of V.S.:

  1. The energy readings of the Brahmasthan went from -24 to +114 within 1 minute of Sir sending the energy to the home. Currently after the installation of V.S. it is at +154.
  2. All the Negative Vortexes disappeared immediately during the experimentation itself, and upon the installation of V.S. I observed that there are 11 positive vortexes in the same area.
  3. The debris of the BM, Spirit attack and the effect of Evil Eye got completely cleansed.
  4. Even the Vastu of the entire property got completely balanced at an energy level.

Some of the major benefits of installing V.S. as observed and mentioned by the owner of the home are:

  1. There was an ongoing Govt. Case for past 3 years in a property settlement dispute that got partially settled in their favour within a week of Sir sending the energies remotely (experiment phase) and they received an amount INR 4 Million towards the same. They are yet to receive further compensation which shall be settled within a year.
  2. They observed peace and harmony in their home and office. There seems to be an air of positivity always around them when at home.
  3. Upon installation of the V.S. within a quarter, they started getting new business opportunities along with repeat orders and in time payments for the same, thus resulting in a good business growth.
  4. They also observed that there was a major change in their office staff within a period of 1 month when a few non-performing (negative energy) employees left on their own and they also surprisingly got better and much worthy staff immediately.
  5. They also had a few warehouses that were empty since past 3+ years. It seems within a month of V.S. installation all their warehouses got leased out for a year, and they are getting a monthly rent of INR 250,000.
  6. Also, it seems they were looking for funding of around INR 15 Million for a new project and astonishingly they managed to get it at a really low interest rate with hardly any efforts.

Overall, they are extremely happy with our readings and the way V.S. has literally transformed their current life scenario and constantly keep recommending us to whoever they meet.


  • @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for wonderfully posting the VS experience.

    Its so scientifically experimented and penned down with great details and experiences.

    Its been a great experience with Sharat SIR and VS team experiments for me too.

    I can very well correlate with all these.... with the experiments where i was involved with Sharat Sir and VS team.

    The experiences and changes posted says it all..... how Sir has researched and experimented before launching VS for everyone.

    Mudit, you being Sharat Sir's one of the best student with extraordinary psychic abilities, dowsing expertise can understand and express it with so much depth and detail.

    Its been a great experience for me to interact with you especially during during VS experimenting phase with Sharat Sir.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for launching VS to change many homes and workplaces.

  • Thanx a Lot @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for the wonderful and humbling response.

  • Wonderful benefits of VS. Eagerly waiting for my turn.

  • Woww super amazing experience and with detailed explanation.
    Thankyou @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for giving us opportunity to read this miraculous experience of VIBBES SEEDER.
    Thankyou @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher ji for sharing :blush: I was waiting for your sharing and this is beautiful presentation with explanation. :heart:

  • Could you please tell me how I can measure these things in my home -i am familiar with measuring health energies with my pendulum - Can i measure these different energies in my home now before i get my VS? What do I need to measure and what are the ideal ranges?
    Thank you ;-)

  • Hi @Julesmm

    • To measure these energies you need a special dowser as a pendulum will not be sufficient. Also you will need to undergo proper training for the handling of the dowser along with thorough knowledge of all the earth energies and it's effect on the home.

    • If you have already gone for a VS then upon it's installation all the imbalances will automatically get corrected, all the negativity shall get cleansed and new positive vortexes shall get created. So frankly it wouldn't make much of a difference to go through the trouble of measuring the energies (as you may observe in the above experience as well).

    • In case however, if you still want to get a proper Energy Reading and Vaastu consultancy done, just to compare the before and after effects, then you may get in touch with me for the same. However please note that it would be on a chargeable basis. You may get my contact details from @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher.

    • 1st half of the 3rd question is already answered above and ideally the energy readings should all be in positive.

    Thank You :)

  • @Mudit
    Thank you for your reply!!
    I was just curious if it was something that I could do - always like to have information ;-)
    Looking so forward to alllll the positive improvements with my new VS soon! :-)

  • @Julesmm

    A Question is the Key to an Answer =)

    Always good to be positively curious. Looking forward to reading your V.S. Experience soon :)

  • ❤️❤️????????????????????????
  • Ohhh !! My emojis didn’t show up !!
  • @Julesmm

    The forum does not pick all emojis from cell phone. It appears as question mark.
    You can choose emojis on the comment bar

  • Is there any easy way to check that VS is working or not like VK. I installed it in my new house , comparison is not possible.

  • @mukeshmg

    VS works on a place and is designed to operate on its own. It gives out 48 powerful energies 24× 7 when installed at a place for which it is attuned.

    There is no need to check its working as it is already programmed to work continuously.

    Its good that you got it installed in a new place so you actually dont have to worry about the place energy now onwards till VS is there.

    There are people who have installed VS without a second thought and without knowing if their home had negativities or required corrections. They did it to infuse the home with positivity 24×7

    Now regarding VK

    VK also works continuously ....its only that some users may need to test to clear their doubts or may expect results without efforts or may expect unreasonbly beyond their deserving or not able to work with patience. Or may be using it incorrectly.

    In case of VS its self testing is not required.
  • Golden Sunrise. Would like to get a doubt cleared. In the original post, under Some of the major benefits of installing V.S. as observed and mentioned by the owner of the home are:
    I understand that 1. the VS was installed in their home. Under the points 2-5 I read that the benefit for the owner is seen from different locations like their office, their warehouse etc. So do you mean to say, The owner's movement/involvement in various places or locations would also get benefitted.

    Basically, my question is: Once you install VS in a house, people living in the premises or who visits the premise and live there for some time will also get the benefit of getting cleansed of all the negativities and get clarity to move towards positive direction/ prosperity in their life?

  • Golden Sunrise @ritz

    This is a very nice question and good observation from your end.

    With regards to the 1st part of the question, as it's mentioned under pt. 1, the owner has a dedicated space for office at home itself. Basically, it's like his headquarters and all the other offices, factories and warehouses report to this particular office. So, when VS was installed, he started observing a change everywhere.

    Now with regards to the second part of the question, the answer is yes; a person living or visiting a place where VS is installed, will experience all of the above-mentioned changes. The reason for the same is that we are actually energy beings, and there is an electro-magnetic spectrum (energy field) around us also commonly known as an AURA. Each place that we go to also has it's own energy field which is created due to multiple factors such as:
    1. Vaastu/Feng Shui
    2. Energy of All 18 Directions
    3. Brahmasthan Energy
    4. Earth Energies
    * Geopathic Stress
    * Ley Lines
    * Curry Lines
    * Hartmann Lines
    * Black Lines
    * Schumann Waves
    * Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)
    * Building Related Illness (BRI)
    * Benker Grid
    * Water Veins
    5. Negative/Positive Vortex
    6. Effects of Evil Eye
    7. Effects of Black Magic
    8. Presence of Dark Energies/Entities
    9. Residual Energies of the People living/visiting the place

    Vibbes Seeder not only eliminates all the negative effects of these energies, but simultaneously also creates positive vortexes which in turn keeps boosting the energy frequency of the location. Thus if any person were to visit a place where the seeder is installed, they would experience a much higher frequency then average, and depending on how long they stay there, the surrounding energy would keep raising the frequency of their AURA.

  • Golden sunrise Mudit,
    I have VS installed in my home from more than 6 months. I don't feel the difference in the energy. Even I didn't get the feedback from others who visited my home.
    Is there any method by which the energy can be observed? Can remotely this can be sensed?
  • Golden Sunrise Muditji, thanks for the clarification. So the person(s) visiting and staying for a longer period of time under the shield of VS, will carry comparatively a cleaner energy (cleansed of their negativity) when they return to their place. Right?

  • @Chetandurdi


    Are there any major issues or problems in your home...if yes please describe...
  • Golden sunrise Rakhiji,

    From some days I am not getting healed from cough and cold. Previously after before & after installation of VS, I was getting healed very fast.

    Now a days, I am having weakness and also feels heavy. I am doing the healing with VK and it's taking time.

    Also finances became challenging.

    So, when Mudit mentioned that there will be higher frequency, and also he is vastu expert, thought of asking if something I have not followed process.

    I have full confidence on VS and it's capabilities, as human we tend get into some kind of emotions on our decision in life.
  • @Chetandurdi

    Will answer your questions. give some time

    Just wanted to know what energies are you using with VK for cough and cold
  • @chetandurdi


    Regarding your question on energy check with VS...its felt by touch or even distantly.

    This depends upon how a person perceives energy changes.
    Everything in this Universe is about energy. There is energy in everything be it a food item a school bag a crystal or VK or VS.

    In foods we feel the energy of nutrition or through its taste or through strength. But each person would perceive differently so comparison can be avoided.

    VS is a auto operative tool attuned with 48 powerful energies ...when installed in a place to which its attuned by Sharat starts emiting energies within few secs.

    And its operational 24*7 without any need of human interference. Except for that we need to wipe it with dry cloth if there is dust accumulation and keep 1foot free space ahead of it ....for it to emit energy in space freely.

    VS works on a any energy or vaastu fault correction happens and keeps happening with continuous flow of energy.

    It does not need trust of any being for its working. It does not need any process or request to operate.

    I want to share my few experiences with VS came to me for first time...i felt a huge energy change within me. I cannot express the intensity something like a POSITIVE ENERGY BOMB.

    I casually took it to bedroom and i felt i cannot place it there because i wont be able to sleep with such high energy. But this happened only with me. Daily i touch VS often and by default just before leaving the house to go out.
    The energy perceiving is different for different ppl. Like @Puneet can sleep peacefully with VIBBES SEEDER on his chest.

    As i go out towards the passage OUTSIDE of my home...i immediately feel the need to take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with my VK. I feel the energy changing to negative.

    So the energy changes felt differ from person to person....based on their own energy levels, their sensitivity to energy changes, psychic abities and surroundings and maybe more factors.

    @Mudit will be posting an easy method to feel the energy change distantly too from VS......this technique he came across during his own experiments/experiences with VS.

    If anyone wants a detailed reading on different energies in a house....this needs special knowledge and know how to use a special dowser to get the readings...this takes many hours and lot of efforts.
  • @Chetandurdi

    your case...

    Now i remember few months back we spoke on call that time you mentioned you sensed some ways or new thoughts or ideas about finances after VS installation. And we discussed that this could be due to energy changes at your place after VS

    Now there are certain things in our life which we need to act on continuously like keeping ourself healthy and active. On financial front we need to work till our desires get fulfilled or till the time that money keeps flowing to us in auto you can stop working on it. People call it Financial freedom!!

    With VS installation you got some insights on finance. After that you need to work on those ideas ...since you are a VK user...and if you are ALSO using wealth energies with VK would definetely gets some ideas or opportunities...some signal would be one needs to explore and convert them into money earned. So during this phase...its not your financial challenge ....its your changing financial situation.

    Just last week you posted that DIVINE IS MY CONSTANT MONEY PROVIDER with VK is working for you....that your expenses can be managed. So the situation is changing for you....

    I strongly sense that there is nothing related to energy from VS on the situations you mentioned that you need to worry... ....its only your anxious or inquisitive mind about VS which is comparing and trying to know how to feel energies from VS.

    Regarding your health....

    You can even charge water with these energies and inhale hot vapours

    Weakness is due to cold and (maybe continuous thinking) above energies can take care. Increase the frequency of healing.
    Sleep well too...

    Also since the climate is moving towards Winter....please check your food habits i know some VK users who took energies with VK but were comsuming cough aggrevating foods. So in one way Serums or VK healing is done and in second gets blown up with certain foods...again an imbalance or energies within...NOT RELATED TO NEGATIVE ENERGY OF A PLACE...

    Cough aggrevating foods like milk , curds, ice cream, juices, cold foods , frozen foods, colas, fried snacks, sour ingredients including tamarind banana , juicy fruits and similar foods should be avoided to allow recovery to happen.....

    For dry cough...avoid caffeinated drinks too in addition to above.
  • GS @ritz

    You are most welcome. Just to clarify, VS shall raise the overall energy frequency of a person staying within it's zone. So technically even though it's not really the major function or feature of the VS, this is an added advantage and whosoever stays within it's zone, shall feel the difference for as long as they stay.

    But once a person leaves or is out of VS zone, then they are once again vulnerable and are easily affected by the energies around them. In case if you are also a VK user then the best advise is to take So7R before moving out of the VS zone for complete protection and safety from negative energy frequency. You may even think of it like an energy sun-screen that needs to be applied before you step out of your home.

    Best Regards :)

  • GS @Chetandurdi

    @Rakhi Ji has already given a detailed answer to your other query and also it seems like you have had previous interactions with her, hence I shall not get into the other question. I'll simply resolve the understandings based on the 1st question that you have asked me.

    First and foremost, let me clarify and rather declare that Vibbes Seeder keeps radiating/emitting/blasting, nonstop and continuous waves of energy every millisecond (i.e. 1 thousandth of a second and the cycle time for frequency 1 kHz) for a lifetime. We conducted multiple experiments with VS for a duration of 10 months before it’s official launch and continue to do so even now. Thus, there is absolutely no question of VS not working.

    So, with the above understanding let us try to figure out why you may not be able to feel the difference anymore. This is a common phenomenon and we have received similar feedback from a few people having VK or VS. The reason why one feels a major difference initially when they come in contact with VK or VS is due to it’s very high energy frequency, but over time, VK/VS will increase/raise the energy frequency of the people around them, basically getting them in sync with the higher energy frequencies. Hence one may not be able to observe a visible difference as they are now in sync and operating at the same frequency.

    Now with regards to the second part of your question, as to how to observe these energies, I hope the below explanation helps in the understanding of the same. Firstly, for the initiated, i.e. if a person is a Clairvoyant then he/she can very clearly see the energies at work. Similarly, if a person is Clairsentient/Empath then he/she can sense the energies around them and tell the difference very easily. Also, as @Rakhi Ji has already pointed out, there are dowsing equipment which help in reading the energy of a place and this can be done either on site or remotely based on the layout of the persons home. But as mentioned it’s also a time consuming and tedious task.

    You may however Try this Simple Experiment at your place:

    If it is a villa or bungalow then go right outside your door up to the boundary around your plot, and if it is a flat then open the door to your home and stand on the inside of the door. Basically, we are trying to stand inside the outermost boundary of VS or more specifically inside the outermost part of the address on which VS is attuned for. So, in case if it’s an apartment with the entire floor to yourself then maybe the energy may go right up to the staircase. You shall figure this out easily in some time.

    Now once you are inside the outermost boundary of VS; feel the temperature around you (in case if you can sense the energies then even better else try to feel the temperature) for a few seconds. Once you have felt and understood the temperature, take a step forward, outside the boundary (imaginary) of VS, and observe the temperature once again. You will definitely feel a change in temperature, which can either be warm or cool outside. Basically, VS ensures a conducive environment at home, so if it’s hot outside, you may feel it’s cool inside and vice versa. For those who cannot see or sense energies, this can be a visible differentiator as being at a grosser level then an energy being, they sense the change is temperature which is nothing but another form of energy itself. This is also the reason why one doesn’t generally feel the difference despite walking in and out of the same zone multiple times a day simply because it is not done intentionally where you are fully aware.

    I hope this was able to help you out.

    Best Regards :smile:

  • GS Mudit,

    It was a WOW moment for me when I followed the simple test by you and sensed the energy. :3

    I stood inside the main door of my home and noticed the strong energy from the direction from VS. When I started walking out of the door, felt the energy sensation on my back and the energy started reducing gradually until 20 feet.

    I started sensing the energy on the front side of the body once I started approaching my home and the energy sensation was full when I got into my home.

    Thank you for making me feel blessed with VS and offcourse not to forget my VK Deva who is my guide on my divine path.

    GS Rakhiji,

    I got healed fully from cold and cough with the help of VK Deva. :3

    There are other areas which needs healing and I will intensify the healing in those areas.

  • @Chetandurdi

    Thanks for the update. Thats great.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your healing efforts !!
  • Mudit is a great teacher and psychic too. Thanks Mudit for guiding people.

  • The honor has always been mine @SharatSir. Thanx for giving us this divine opportunity :)

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher , @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher , @Chetandurdi ,

    Felt very happy to know wonderful benefits of VS. I have attended Vastu Workshop on 24 May 2020 by @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher ji. It enriched my knowledge. Thanks to all GREAT VK VS Teachers.

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