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  • Hi @Babita sorry to intrude into this thread. You mentioned that " Thamba" is a Marathi word... So was wondering how one can use this word for positive affirmations of health,wealth,harmony and happiness as meaning of this word in marathi is "STOP".
    So for me who speaks marathi it would mean eg : I am divine health thamba (stop)..

    Not being judgemental about the healer..but I feel it has nothing to do with the meaning of this word in marathi else the whole affirmations would change into negative..because it means stop the flow. However, ultimately it is the call of his follower and user..

    Thanks for the space in your thread.

  • @Rian please read previous comments.
    "Joy has discovered the varied effect of many words which are used for totally different contexts in the dictionary, Thamba being the most miraculous of them all".
    Thamba healing is new to me also. I'm non marathi but I know the meaning of Thamba.
  • I came to know about thamba only a couple of wks back. Thamba initiation workshop is also there which I have not attended. But till now among the persons joined fb or workshops no one gave any negative views about thamba healing. If you want to know more about thamba you can join fb group. link given. Don't believe what I or others say. Do your own research. Thank you for being non judgemental.
  • It same same word about which I was talking, few of my friends didn't have good experience with chanting of that word. Also if it is a Marathi word , why does it require initiation by touching third eye. Do any switch word require initiation. Is there any initiation to chant Divine Together or any switch word. And how is Marathi word downloaded from Divine. And Thamba in Marathi means stop and how is it possible to say that we are entering Golden age of Thamba ???? In every healing modalities source and other details are shared. I refuse to accept anything which cannot prove its lineage or source.
    When every word is a Mantra why is need of Initiation by touching third eye. Then it means every switch word will require initiation for chanting . It is important to analyse and research rather than blindly accepting anything because many people are doing it.
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    Thamba Healing is just a waste of time, money and energy. I appeal to all to stop chanting Thamba. My friend was chanting and she saw Ghatkopar plane crash 3 days before it actually happened and was terrified to see reality. Another friend chanted and got some weird feeling in her body. She stopped it. If thousands of people chant it God knows what will happen. I personally checked with vk and scanning revealed its frequency to be very negative. Today Mumbai witnessed multiple disaster happening and everything related to fire incidents. Fire in building and railway station and bridge falling with heavy duty cables falling off and so on. We should know that collective chanting impacts the whole society and nation. So many so called Gurus come and disappear after their small siddhis disappear.

    Divine energies are permanent. I request all VK users to take protection for themselves and families and city and pray to Divine to bless the whole city and state. Short term miracles do not prove Divinity. If something is happening superfast like miracles it means that it is going to disappear also superfast. The energy world is full of Divine and also lower energies. I personally feel lets call upon Divine powers continuously and wait for Grace and not run for a quick miracle without knowing its functioning in the background.

    May all be blessed and protected by supreme Divine energies,


    If not yet convinced, request vk several yes to reveal the truth of that Method. Surely hints and revelations will take place,

    I am no one to instruct anyone, just request.
  • Request vk several times to know the truth.
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