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Vk for new healing technique. Is thamba healing waste of time?

edited September 2020 in Mimicking Discussion
I have been seeing new discussion about Thamba Healing found by some helper of humanity . Can vk help to get initiated in this Technique, as i dont believe and allow anyone to touch my third eye or crown for purpose of initiation. Can vk help me to get access to this Thamba technique and let me know its wisdom???


  • @ShivaPrakkash


    For mimicking healing techniques using VK, @"Sharat Sir-VK Inventor" guides that before we mimick with VK, we should know
    What that healing is about and
    what are its known effects or
    results that are usually expected or experienced from that technique. Please check the above hyperlink of BASICs on mimicking on this forum

    Can you please throw some light on facts about Thamba healing/technique mentioned in your post, what is it about and what are the effects or results it would produce.

    How does the 3rd eye come into picture

    This will help us to guide you more.

  • I came to know from one of my friend that someone who is a healer has discovered this healing technique with the word called Thamba ... And it is biggest frequency energy and he combines many switch words with Thamba And people are saying they got fastest and immediate results. I personally do not know what is Thamba. That healer says he initiates people into Thamba to increase its effects while chanting and it can do miracles. He says dont ask meanings and dont try to analyse what it is. Just do it.
    The initiation process involved touching the third eye of the person by him and people get boosted power of Thamba.
    I know that when third eye is touched it may feel good in the beginning but it changes timing into the sushumna nadi which may result in something good or bad.
    Also if thumb is used to touch third eye a part of good energy can be sucked and results in some consequences.
    And as such now adays so many Gurus are being produced one after the other. If one goes another comes and so on.
    So to be on safe side i want to know how vk can help to get the benefit of this Thamba Healing without getting into Guru chela drama and then realising its side effects....
    Or how to ask vk to help us know what is this Thamba.
  • I know that when third eye is touched it may feel good in the beginning but it changes( tuning) into the sushumna nadi which may result in something good or bad. ( Spelling mistake corrected)
  • @ShivaPrakkash

    Please mention the name of the healer who is practising this Thamba and still keeping it Secret.

    What is your preference as you are into healing..... to hit a target in dark with partial knowledge or to practise what is established and revealed with real testimonials?

    Do you know anyone who benefitted from this thamba and what benefit did the person get? Was the benefit permanent or temporary?

    Also before practising a new way, should we check authencity of the practise?

    Have you explored other known healing modalities with VK , and they didn't give you desired results because you are looking to tap something which is portrayed as Great but still a Secret and you still have a fear and doubt regarding its application.

    What is the area of healing for which you want to tap this so called Secretive way of healing.

  • With vk i have tried few healing Techniques and got results. Yes the authenticity of New technique should be known and its origin. so i really don't know anyone who has got permanent benefit.many have mentioned about their momentary relief only.
  • Dear @ShivaPrakkash,

    I completely agree with the suggestion given by Rakhi ji. Why should we take steps in pitch dark where we could be at the edge of the hill. I would also suggest, not to try something which is not known well to us.

    Have you seen a fruit seller who say that - Please don't buy my apples as they are not sweet" ?

    You must have observed that all Orange seller claim that his Oranges are from Nagpur. So, when a fruit /vegetable seller will brag for his product then this is an Elite area. All will declare their technique to be the best. But we shouldn't be a blind follower. That is why we have a book of testimonials for all VK aspirants which has various successful experiences of different people like me and you.

    Now, Black magicians also bring out great & instant results, but it is our decision whether to follow or not.

    VK has the power to mimick any healing technique on the earth but provided that it is a positive one. As I tried to find out about Thamba it connects to African technique of some dangerous practices for which a healer needs to have permission.

    Moreover, my way is like Karate / Kung-fu style. If I am following Shotokan style then I will try to become a Master at it instead of keep on searching for all the other styles and become a Jack of them.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Correct me if I am wrong, But there was a case study where restlessness was solved by keeping VK on the forehead which also covered the third eye and then everything was normal. So Can we use the same instead of the Thamba healing which is too greek for many of us ?

  • Sanjay ji thanks very much for detailed explanation and finding about Thamba, and i am sure my question and all experts answers will help many many people. Thanks Rakhiji and Shrinathji. Thanks To Sharat Sir for vk
  • Also i want to add that thousands of people are chanting switchwords with last word as Thamba and its spreading like fire. I hope And wish divine doesn't allow lower energies to grip people's mind with small miracles.
  • @ShivaPrakkash


    Yesterday when i read your first post. I got negative vibrations, i searched on google, got only one link to some fb post.

    I didn't search more. Sanjay Sir was going to answer your question.

    But i wanted to take this post to Basics of VK mimicking, so i asked you so many questions.

    When i get negative vibrations and my intuition says NO. I stop there.

    Shivaprakash , i remember you as an expert Mimicker with VK. You have posted some wonderful VK mimicking experiences....thinking out of the box. I really appreciate your way of thinking with VK mimicking.

    But i was little surprised too yesterday reading your multiple posts, you already had a fear (about 3rd eye being touched by someone) or say doubt on this healing technique. Actually your intuition sensed..... it is not good, but you still wanted to explore it.

    Just wanted to say especially with mimicking, please follow established guided healing methods and keep away from methods which don't reveal what they are.

    Thamba as a switch word may have a different application, though i don't remember seeing it as a switch word.

  • Thanks Rakhiji for the reply and explanation ☺️
  • @ShivaPrakkash - Just wanted to know as you are a healer, Can healing have negative side effects, Because as per me healing is by divine and divine cant have negative effects.

    So either the Thamba healing is showing something as wrong i guess. @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher please correct me if I am wrong with any healing technique ?

  • @Shrinath


    "HEALING" word is very pious only means BETTERMENT of a person.

    In this modern world we have Crooks who label them as healers, then there are Tantrics , who promise to heal relationships, wealth and health problems...but resort to practices which are against the soul with black magic and worst forms of soul entrapment.
    Then there are healers who lack the knowledge on application part, they just want to be known or for money.

    Human beings have spoiled the divinity of the word HEAL with their wrong motive.

    The real or genuine healing practices are only DIVINE with NO negative effects.

    So relating to this post, Do not follow misguided, secretive , over boasted methods promoted falsely by "BOGUS OR ILL MINDED HEALERS" ....for mimicking with VK.

    Your specific question on overcoming Restlessness with VK. yes its a good practise. Sanjay Sir will be writing more about it.

  • @Shrinath

    Even you are a healer....VK makes you Cosmic Healer. B)

    And VK emits pure energy !!

  • Shrinathji , as discussed here healing is for good purpose and meant to give u strength to move ahead with was and increase will power to face the situation, and even if healer has wrong thoughts it will do harm to others and not good . It is very important to go on purifying oneself so that helping others become a natural process with pure intention. Even by blessings to others with vk is healing. One can even pray through vk for others. There is nothing to prove to others in healing . Proving and pleasing others for recognition of powers extremely dangerous. Teaching others to heal themselves and loved ones is divine work . I personally pray day and night with vk and use it as blessings tool .
  • Healing helps to move with ease and gives inner strength also
  • Dear @Shrinath, placing VK on forehead or crown with intention of serenity is enough to initiate restfulness and peace at mind. But you may practice Calm down serum if you want or energy of "Aum-Shanti" will do the same.

    In this process, as you said, the third eye is covered, but here the Third eye (Ajna Chakra) is touched by the divine himself. @ Shivaprakkash is absolutely right when he says that he does not allow an alien-touch on his Ajna Chakra (Please read link of Energy Suckers). Since our Astral Chakras are the administrators of the rest of the body and related environment, it should be surrendered only to trusted authorities ie. Guru or the Divine.

  • Dear @Shivaprakkash, just adding another of my beliefs to opine. During the IPL matches, if I am with Chennai Super Kings, then I stay with it. It may play slow, or it may lose sometimes, but I have my faith that it will win at last. It may happen that CSK lose and KKR wins next year, but this is sure that CSK is a good team and plays its game well.

    In same way, we much concentrate our faith in which our consciousness says is the best knowledge or technique and ......stay with it.....gain and grow to be a master there. Irrespective of other more lucrative, attractive or more viral ways around. You will observe things will come and go, but if your belief is pure, you will stay in the game longer.

  • Thanks Sanjay ji for nice explanation
  • Gratitude @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sirji for detailed explanation with practical examples.
    It gives so much of clariry to awake us from so called gurus, babas these days and to be cautious of our positive energy.
    Really blessed to be learning with @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor rakhi didi and Sanjay Sirji.

    It reminds me one of incident of 2 yrs before when i was practicing reiki levels with a group, some people used to talk about a Guru who activate 3rd eye by his touch.
    People are in so much hurry to reach nirvana, samadhi and to be powerful in this materialistic world for showoff powers.

    We are leaving in world of animation and technologies where gods are shown to be charismatic doing magics and superheroes with powers, it creates so much of misconception.
    I remember days of childhood when a tv seriel shaktiman, naagmani and ofcourse animations in devotional serials. I used to think that if i got these powers i will be a superman, if i could have a naagmani, a watch of mr. india movie to make me invisible, powers to clone myself, and bla bla.
    Sir today i learn We have all the psychic powers installed and attuned by the almighty in this body related to energy & universe.
    By increasing Levels of Consciousness and positive uses to hold that powers Divine bless you with the same.
    I have seen the uses of powers for Divine mission by our Beloved Master Sharat Sirji, he is The Budhha in Modern world being a Simple, Serene, a Sea of Cosmic & psychic powers and yet CALM as the mother nature.
    Love you Sir :heart:
  • Thankyou @ShivaPrakkash Sir for this beautiful knowledge and conversation.

    @Shrinath Sir please read this article of Energy Suckers as mentioned by Sanjay Sirji in this link
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher and @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Thanks for the explanation. I had this issue since last week and this energy suckers are in different places in different forms. I was getting restless and it was not clear why I was getting it. Sometimes anger on smallest things like someone honking or someone driving slow, And at times a rage was there which was not the case before. I felt somewhere the connect with my internal peace was missing. I requested VK by keeping on the forehead to make my mind peaceful and then, I started chanting that I am in control of what I think with VKs help and started self affirmations talking of what I want. Now, I always stay calm and within myself rooted.

    Again touch the third eye with VK and constant self affirmation with positive worked.

  • edited September 2020
    Frequently asked by many as what is thamba..

    Thamba mantra is discovered by Joy Lahiri, a sound and Mantra healer from Delhi. Through his research and case studies, Joy has discovered the varied effect of many words which are used for totally different contexts in the dictionary, Thamba being the most miraculous of them all.
    This is something beyond the comprehension of logical mind. Hence more you try to apply logic, more is your resistance to the manifestations.
    Simply chant thamba as a chant, or else you can chant for specific purposes as below:-
    For health : I am divine health thamba
    for money: I am a money miracle thamba

    for relationships: I am harmony thamba.
    For marriage: I am happiness thamba.
    Number of times to chant is as per your wish, though Joy suggests to chant 81 times , with full faith.

    For emergencies, you should chant as much as you can.

    Just chant Thamba and surrender your wish to the universe.

    The optional Thamba initiations are specifically given by Joy to ease the access of the energy.
  • @Babita


    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about thamba. Out of curiosity just wanted to know if you tried it.


    Did you mean the same Thamba healing which @Babita has mentioned in her posr.

    She mentions the name as JOY LAHIRI.. We asked you about the healers name ....but you have not shared in any of your posts. Secondly you mentioned connection with 3rd eye and your resistance to follow this practise.

    Are you refering to some other practise of thamba which not by Joy Lahiri.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher . yes I tried thamba with VK. I was waiting for a post which was sent through speed post & it was stuck in delhi PO for 3 days. I chanted thamba chant while holding VK in my hands for around 10 minutes & received the post next day. Every healing method now in existence was once started the first time.
  • @Babita

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Request you and all VK users to share their VK experiences especially when you explore something new with VK.

    This forum is not only for asking questions is also a platform created by Sharat Sir for sharing Proctively your experiences and happiness and inspiring and teaching others with experiences.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all VK experiences.

    Will wait for reply from @ShivaPrakkash as he has not shared the healers name and the 3rd eye connection.
  • Can anyone guide me what is the exact meaning of Thamba?

  • @Babita

    You thought on every healing now in existnce was once started first time .

    It is not so simple as it seems. If i relate it to my own field of medicines which 95 percent of global population still resorts too. We kill many rats to know if a medicine could be safe.

    This post was started with insufficient information and fear of 3rd eye
  • But still, I want to know the meaning of Thamba and also want to know from where, that word Thamba is derived.

  • "Thamba is a miraculous mantra discovered by Joy Lahiri, a sound and Mantra healer from Delhi. Through his research and case studies, Joy has discovered the varied effect of many words which are used for totally different contexts in the dictionary, Thamba being the most miraculous of them all.
    This is something beyond the comprehension of logical mind. Hence more you try to apply logic, more is your resistance to the manifestations."
    Thamba is a marathi word. Link for fb group -
    Anyone can try thamba chant & confirm if it's working or not.
  • edited September 2020

    Hi, @Babita sorry to intrude into this thread. You mentioned that " Thamba" is a Marathi word... So was wondering how one can use this word for positive affirmations of health, wealth, harmony, and happiness as the meaning of this word in Marathi is "STOP".
    So for me who speaks Marathi, it would mean eg: I am divine health thamba (stop)..

    Thamba means stop and thamba healing means stop healing. I guess thamba healing is purely negative healing.

    Not being judgemental about the healer..but I feel it has nothing to do with the meaning of this word in Marathi else the whole affirmations would change into negative.. because thamba means to stop the healing flow. However, ultimately it is the call of his follower and user.

    Thanks for the space in your thread.

  • @Rian please read previous comments.
    "Joy has discovered the varied effect of many words which are used for totally different contexts in the dictionary, Thamba being the most miraculous of them all".
    Thamba healing is new to me also. I'm non marathi but I know the meaning of Thamba.
  • I came to know about thamba only a couple of wks back. Thamba initiation workshop is also there which I have not attended. But till now among the persons joined fb or workshops no one gave any negative views about thamba healing. If you want to know more about thamba you can join fb group. link given. Don't believe what I or others say. Do your own research. Thank you for being non judgemental.
  • It same same word about which I was talking, few of my friends didn't have good experience with chanting of that word. Also if it is a Marathi word , why does it require initiation by touching third eye. Do any switch word require initiation. Is there any initiation to chant Divine Together or any switch word. And how is Marathi word downloaded from Divine. And Thamba in Marathi means stop and how is it possible to say that we are entering Golden age of Thamba ???? In every healing modalities source and other details are shared. I refuse to accept anything which cannot prove its lineage or source.
    When every word is a Mantra why is need of Initiation by touching third eye. Then it means every switch word will require initiation for chanting . It is important to analyse and research rather than blindly accepting anything because many people are doing it.
  • edited September 2020
    Side effects of Thamba Healing: Thamba Healing is just a waste of time, money, and energy. I appeal to all to stop chanting Thamba. My friend was chanting and she saw Ghatkopar plane crash 3 days before it actually happened and was terrified to see reality. Another friend chanted and got some weird feeling in her body. She stopped it. If thousands of people chant it God knows what will happen. I personally checked with VK and scanning revealed its frequency to be very negative. Today Mumbai witnessed multiple disaster happening and everything related to fire incidents. Fire in building and railway station and bridge falling with heavy-duty cables falling off and so on. We should know that collective chanting impacts the whole society and nation. So many so-called Gurus come and disappear after their small siddhis disappear.

    Divine energies are permanent. I request all VK users to take protection for themselves and families and city and pray to Divine to bless the whole city and state. Short term miracles do not prove Divinity. If something is happening super fast like miracles it means that it is going to disappear also superfast. The energy world is full of Divine and also lower energies. I personally feel lets call upon Divine powers continuously and wait for Grace and not run for a quick miracle without knowing its functioning in the background.

    May all be blessed and protected by supreme Divine energies,


    If not yet convinced, request VK several yes to reveal the truth of that Method. Surely hints and revelations will take place,

    I am no one to instruct anyone, just request.
  • Request vk several times to know the truth.
  • Thamba was channeled by Joy Lahiri Sir as stated by Babita mam.... I am using it from few months and getting results... Even some of my family and friends also used and got instant results.... They are like switchwords and just need few minutes of chanting... He is a selfless man and helps people with chants without charging anything... And neither does he has asked to touch third eye... And every healer or healing modality has started from somewhere so I don't know y allegations on him... Neither do I know him nor I have met him... Just used his chants few times and got instant results... So I think to respect each healing modality...
  • I also use Thamba chant sometime..It is helpful,last year my mother got admitted in the hospital due to dengue and her platelets counts were gone down to 13000,Thamba chant worked miraculously and her Platelets increased to 92000 just in 2days.
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