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Mantra Siddhi with VK

How can any one sidhdh mantras using VK.?


  • Please elaborate your desire.

    VK is capable of providing energies of various Mantras when affirmed. Therefore, normally one may get the essence of any Mantra by mere request. If you are asking about Mantra Siddhi as done in Tantra Vidya or like ritual modalities, I would suggest you to kindly follow the basic methods.

    Please understand, I asked you for your desire in my opening statement because "Sidddhi" is Perfection/Controlling and the desire of the practitioner here is detrimental. Laws of Universe are mysterious because it awards or abstains powers as per the recipent's worthiness. It may generally be taken as failures in the sight of the practitioner, if something has not given results, no-one observes whether the demand was right or wrong as per one's level and intention. Moreover, VK contains its grants as per its cosmic intellect which is far wider and deeper than any human perception.

    I hope I have made my view clear. Please comment in case of any doubt.

  • Thank You Sanjayji for valuable reply..
    Thank a lot.

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