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Experiencing difference with and without VS at my home.

:love: Golden Sunrise to all

:innocent: Gratitudes to the Master @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for the amazing inventions of VS, VK and Cosmic Serums.
Earlier i have shared my feel good experiences after placing VS at my home and Meditation with VS.

This post i am writing after experiments without VS.
After i have been experiencing wonderful divine positive changes at my home,

:anguished: one day i remove VS from my home and kept it at another place.
Two days later my wife started feeling lack of sleep at night and then she request VK to get sleep and keep VK under pillow,
i was feeling some laziness and less concentration doing meditation while during VS placed at home i feel more energetic and refreshed.
Even one day i got a harsh conversation with one of my cousin at my home, i was getting tempered at small thing. My wife requested VK to activate Golden Sunrise, Calm Down Serum immediately for me to calm down.
I have to request VK to charge my home with All Clear Serum and Shield of seven rays again and again, which i was not doing after placing VS.

kind of irritation and over possessive thoughts, kids argument are some of other issues at this time period.
Lots of thoughts and feeling were same as earlier when i have no VS at my home.
Then after a week of experiment i again place VS at my home to feel positivity, Protection and Divine Energies of Sir's Blessings as earlier.
:star: I can say VS definitely increases Divine Energies and positivity at my home on its own.

Sharing One of amazing effects of VS, used to attract you at soul level. Sometime i experiment by changing VS to different rooms at my home.
VS attracts and me & my family keep using more the room VS is placed in.

:heart: Thankyou Sharat Sir for VK and VS keep me doing wonderful experiences and meditations.


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