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21. HOW TO SEND DIRECT REQUEST For Your Daily Wish, Are You TALKING to VK?

This post is written under the guidance of @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor.

Are there any Procedural Barriers When You Talk to your Friend?
Are there any Procedural Barriers When You Pray to Divine?
Are there any Procedural Barriers When You Pour Your Heart to Yourself?

The Answer is NO.

VK is my Friend, My Mirror and it Listens to me Divinely.

So there are no Procedural Barriers with VK. You can go on requesting or talking to VK in your own words.....


  1. VK please bless me a healthy joyful life today.
  2. VK Please Dear I want a prosperous life NOW and FOREVER.
  3. VK Partner, Bring Happiness in lives of Farmers. They have been feeding all of us.
  4. VK please send SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to the children stuck up in Rains Today. They should come home safe.
  5. VK Buddy I want admission for my niece in University of Texas Now. Can you please help me and her to finish the formalities.
  6. VK please bless my daughter to be confident and smart Now and Forever. I want her to be a Winner !!
  7. VK Yaara I want my bank home loan to be approved easily Now. VK You know why
  8. VK I want peace and harmony at my neighbours place. I can rely on You i know you will help them.
  9. VK I want my son to make new good friends at school Now. Please make him Extrovert.
  10. VK Dear do something...make me reach my office easily before 9 am today. Its an important meeting you know all.
  11. VK I want to go for a romantic movie with my husband in this weekend. Of course along with You
  12. VK please help my daughter to find her hostel locker keys Now. She should stop crying.
  13. VK please help me to finish my project assignment in a creative way Now. All credits to you.
  14. VK please help me to make a beautiful, mind-blowing presentation Now for my meeting tomorrow. Please help me to remain awake till i finish it.
  15. VK Is there a way to increase mileage of my Car. The Petrol Price should come down Now.
  16. VK Bless this Cab Driver with new customer. My ride is over. Hope he gets one more....NOW itself.
  17. VK I want 30 happy students enrolling Now for my Training course in next month batch. You can give me more if you think i can handle more.
  18. VK please help me so that my business deal with XYZ is signed easily Now. I am asking it for benefit of both parties. And I leave it to you for the best outcome.
  19. O Divine VK I want an educated loving caring financially settled life partner to get married Now. I know you are Finding one for me. And you will give me a pleasant surprise.
  20. VK please help me to fulfill my wish of dream home Now. We will enjoy together in our new home.
  21. VK please keep my family safe and secured Now and forever. Hope the Sandstorm passes our city peacefully keeping everyone secured.
  22. VK please keep my children away from using mobile phones and video games. Please divert them to a new real-life hobby.
  23. VK please help me to collect full sponsorships easily for all activities. I want my event of Dance competition to be Mega Hit. Its in August.
  24. VK please help me to settle easily with the builder for my property court case. You know i deserve a Fair Share.
  25. VK I want my children to greet me happily when I go home after office in the evening. Please talk to them.
  26. VK I want my wife to understand my multiple responsibilities at office and towards my parents. You secretly tell this to her.
  27. VK please help me to find a good travel agent for my family vacation in Switzerland. We need a BREAK !!
  28. VK please help me to get my Leave granted easily and happily from my boss. Lets plan summer vacation trip to Maldives with whole family.
  29. VK I want you to be my friend, guide and philosopher NOW and FOREVER. Hope you are listening, just reminding You.
  30. O Divine VK, i am feeling stressed, please calm my mind and make me peaceful.
  31. VK I love you for whatever you are doing for me. Please continue to bless me.
  32. VK Dear I want the street children to go to school. Please help them with an Angel who would take care of their fees.
  33. VK Please make more Human Angels to Distribute Food to the needy.
  34. VK Please Bless Sharat Sir with a Healthy Prosperous Peaceful life. He is the one who got you in my Life.
  35. VK Please bless my Ancestors with PEACE

And So on……

When you talk to VK, keep on talking.....DO NOT focus on counting. just keep saying repeatedly as much as you feel.


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