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VS guided to cleanse complete house.

Golden Sunrise friends.
I am sharing a small yet lovely experience with my VIBBES SEEDER today.
Early morning after refreshing i touch my VS and then i got an thought to clean VS.
I clean VS with a cloth and meanwhile cleaning VS my full body got charged up with Energy of Strength.
Now the magic started,
I clean AC and service it by completely both indoor and outdoor unit.
I cleaned my bed changed bedsheets, then move to clean all the fans at my home.
Usually i am a lazy cleaner, sometime i help my wife during home cleaning at festivals diwali, new year or any other special occasion.
Today i did it myself without her knowldege and help, however my and both boys did cleaning with me.
It takes about 5 hours and we cleaned cluster free complete home.
My wife asked "what happened to you today! You only did the messy things and now cleaning on your own".
I replied "i don't know this all started after touching VS only."
"VS भाईसाहब ने मुझसे आज पूरा घर साफ करा दिया वरना मैं तो जंगली आदमी हूँ।" :sweat_smile:

As it happen so as my VS experience today.
Thankyou @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for the amazing inventions. :heart:
The hard work guided by VS and now requesting VK PLEASE ACTIVATE COMPLETE BODY MASSAGE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY MEMBERS NOW with safety and security. :innocent:
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