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Regarding hair fall

Dear mentors, I have been facing hair loss for some long time.. How I should request vk to charge hair oil, so that hair fall should stop and I can have hair growth with good silky effect. No frizzy hairs. And how many I should charge hair oil, I mean every time I have to charge oil when I use? Please help


  • @Garima

    Request you to use the SEARCH OPTION on Forum, before posting a NEW QUESTION.

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    Thank you

  • @Garima

    Also use the SEARCH OPTION on litairian website and see which Cosmic Serums can help you....

    You can also check the learning post by Sharat Sir in Basics OF VK section, which has videos to demonstrate charging water or things.

    The method for charging things and water is same.

  • Sure mam.. Thanks
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