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VK the Stone Cutter (Once again).......Psychic Surgery

I returned from the Hospital today in the afternoon with yet another rocking episode with VK. Just a day before yesterday ie. Saturday, while closing for the day, I was suddenly grabbed by immense pain in the right side of my abdomen. Most of my colleagues of my office had already signed off for the day. Generally, I stay back for the overseas customers, who are in their mid-day at their time zones. At around 5:35 pm IST, I felt an acute gripping pain in my abdomen. I could not make reason for such a pain. Within seconds, I was doubled, arched downward. My office staffs tried to help me but pain increased gradually. I slipped out VK from my wrist, but none of the serum came to my mind because of the intensity of pain. I requested VK to heal whatever is the problem but in-vain. My mind suspected like a lightening that it could be pain stating presence of Stone which must have developed in my Kidney.

My colleague offered to take me to a nearby hospital, but I was choosy in that grave situation. I asked him to drive my car back to my home. It was a very painful drive. On the way, I kept on thinking where should I go to see a doctor. A renowned hospital called RG Stone happened to be nearby. When I reached there, it was around 7:00 pm. None of the senior doctor was available. But the doctor who attended me, gave an SOS dose of painkiller which controlled my pain in few minutes. The doctor declared that by symptoms it is surely a Stone in my Urinary Bladder, which has slid down from my Kidney. He suggested me to be under medication till Monday when the doctors would be available to attend me. However, in case of any emergency, I may get admitted and the doctor could be called in a short notice. Moreover, I must get an Ultrasound scanning done to be more precise diagnosis.

Since, my pain had receded, I was brought back home....Thanks to my helpful colleagues. But now I had an alien inside me - I mean - Mr. Stone. So at night, partners of healing - "me & my VK" joined hand once again. I requested a psychic-surgery to my KUB to my VK and repeated it in the early morning. By the time I was waiting for my Ultrasound scanning, drinking lots of water, I knew my results. The radiology expert did it twice and informed there is "no Stone" inside. Maybe there was a stone yesterday but it got flushed out. Did you feel burning sensation or blood while passing out urine? she asked. I told him that there was a slight burning sensation in the morning. As I presumed, I was clear. I knew VK never turns me ROCKS.

This is the 5th successful case. Previous to myself, last time it was my daughter, whose ultrasound report showed a 3mm stone in her UB which went missing when she was asked to get a CT scan done. Now I cannot tell everybody where did it go.

Thanks to VK - the savior. I am still under surveillance.


  • Sanjay Sir always stay healthy... :thankyou
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher


    A big salute to you from me.

    I can imagine what pain it must be, and i admire your mental strength to bear and get through it wonderfully.

    You used VK so beautifully and it guided you to the hospital with instant relief.

    You are so well aligned to VK that every Psychic Surgery request gives you success.

    I really admire you got to answering the Forum questions even today mid day.

    Your love, dedication and commitment to Sharat Sirs Divine mission is so pure.

    Thank you for sharing this experience.

    God bless you Healthy Active GOLDEN SUNRISE Life NOW FOREVER !!

    Heartfelt Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK Saviour in our lives !!

    A big thanks and salute to our VK !!

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir, thank you sharing your experience and Divine VK Miracles.
  • Gratitude Sir :innocent:
    Always stay healthy love you Sir :heart:
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Hope you are in best of your health now, May god bless you and your family with the best of your health.

    Sir, I want to know what were the serum you used to get rid of the stone and how many times/rotation you remember you did and what all VOB/Surgery on organs was used as I am requiring to cure stone of a family member who is confirmed of the stone just 10 minutes ago as I write to you.

  • @Shrinath


    Sanjay Sir will reply to you.

    Till then you can also check this VK TIP 24

  • Wonderful.Last year my husband who has tendency of stone formation,got pain after 5 years.I requested vk by putting on his abdomen forpain care which cured in few
  • Woww !! @Shipra ji, that's wonderful achievement.

    Beauty of healing with VK is that people often keep guessing that what happened to the piece of stone which was appearing during radiology. Keep doing magic everyday.

  • Dear @Shrinath, although there are many ways you may perform this healing (as Rakhi ji has suggested above), I did it only by Psychic Surgery.

    Hope you will also do it successfully and add on another post of achievement.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher - Update 1 - He got lot of medicine and liquids from hsis doc and i started using all clear serum on all of them with PCS and GS. The pain subsided a lot and he could do basic movements and no pain or supportingback while siting and getting up.
    Update 2 : As my friend is a doctor he suggested me to remove the RO filter and use a normal water filter, As the RO actually kills all the basic enzymes and bacteria including the good bacteria which helps to reduce stones and gall bladder issues. I arranged for a Pure it autofill and use to charge it with ACS, GS, BS, SO7R and Key Pen Serum and voila it worked. He is doing all his activities and very much happy and healthy post replacing the RO water filter. I also asked VK to guide me whether I am doing right by replacing his water filter then i stumbled across an article describing RO water is dead water with no benefits which body can use or consume for the betterment.

    Told him today morning to get a ultra sound done but he is painless and doesnt think any more scans are required. :+1:

  • Wow....Fantastic work @Shrinath ji.

    Although these days there are ROs with settings that minerals will not be destroyed, but yours was a good decision. Moreover, healing worked and results are wonderful.

    Please keep shooting out of the boundaries. We are your Cheer leaders. Awesome.

  • Sir at times i have experienced where I am not sure and i pray to my sweeety aka VK to help and be my guide and i silent or move me out of the topic for a min or two and then what comes first in my mind and gut feeling i take it and move ahead.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE to all experiences ......

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK giving signals ...

  • Great interaction @Shrinath. However, it is absolutely a private matter among you and VK. (joking bro).

    We all must understand that understanding signals of universe and of course VK is completely unique w.r.t. each of us and it is the our judgement, how we accord with VK. Keep going ahead. All the best.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher -Loads of learning to continue from all of you teachers here. God bless you all and Divine VK master @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor :)

  • Amazing

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher As per the last post from my side till date there is no pain, No burning, No foul smell in urine and all is working well for my friend.

    Now coming to some queries which my friend shared with me is that he is feeling some restlessness more like a wanderlust kinds, I tried calm down serum for 2 days but then i saw the restlessness turned into more of irritable behavior and anger zone. He suddeny erupts and shouts and next moment is normal with his family. He was sharing if there is any way where he can get a good job from existing one and how to pray to god that his wife also gets a decent paying day shift work/job.
    I applied GS, So7R and TWS with Calm down serum and Key pen serum is also going on. Also i applied elixir of lord krishna and goddess lakshmi so he gets way out of all work related troubles.

    I am not sure of what serum/elixirs to apply further as I have not got any response on elixirs in this forum so unsure if i am using it right way or wrong.
    Request you to please guide me?

  • @Shrinath


    Thanks for sharing the great update and success on Kidney stones.

    Regarding your friend mental status.....please check if the anger and irritation is a burst from inner depression.

    There are people who are sad or feel hopeless with situation. These people may suddenly burst out of anger which is buried within them .

    So one may feel that person is angry or aggressive. But actually the person is depressed with intermitent bursts.

    In such cases Sharat Sir has guided us to use MOOD UP SERUM for atleast 3 to 6 months.

    But when such people become angry or aggressive or violent .....then CALM DOWN SERUM should be given only for those times. And again when they calm down ....start with MOOD UP SERUM.

    We know one VK user who was always feeling hopeless but could never express openly and used to be very angry.

    The family always spoke about anger of this VK user. So we guided to use CALM DOWN SERUM. With few counselling talks ...the VK user revealed the sadness relating back evn from childhood days. So then, only MOOD UP SERUM was suggested with ALPHA SERUM.

    After few weeks there were amazing changes in behaviour.....the person started attracting whatever was desired. The mental healing with MUS and Alpha were still continued.

    So in your friend's case, maybe you need to understand also whats the matter which disturbs him it sadness


    Add MOOD UP SERUM for her if applicable.

    For both SHIELD OF 7 RAYS should be given even to their career. SO7R to career works wonderful.

    You can ask both of them to watch GOLDEN SUNRISE video by #SharatSir and chant GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as they can.
  • @Shrinath

    You can also use RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS OR RELEASE ANGER....or any other Negative Emotion that is to be released which is applicable for sometime.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I had a query is the GS with Alpha male serum and mood up serum enough or shall I add some elixir?
    The problem with the bursts is the friend zone he has are all the time talking negative thoughts about the entire office staff and as this company of friends are always cribbing and has no positive thoughts for themselves and positive prayers for others.
    I told him to avoid the friends but he is always with them.
    He cribs as they are doing on any promotion of others and also bring the tension and worries in the home.

  • @Shrinath


    Elixir is a term for something which gives life or extends life. In ancient times it was used for something which gives immortality. It also means a mixture of something which is beneficial in a liquid in medicine world.


    It is a term used commonly for referring something which gives extended effect and gives freedom from suffering.

    The energies in your posts are apt for your friend.

    For bad company, you can give him SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with intention to protect from negative people . Also you can request


    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your Efforts !!

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