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Miraculous Wonder of VK....healing of FRACTURE and Project Assignment

edited July 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Once again its time to give Gratitude to Sharat sir, VK & THE DIVINE
It was on March 29 that I started with a lot of tensions on me regarding my daughter & her career & health.
Firstly she was in the last one month of completion of her graduation degree & on the top of that she fractured her foot. With all terrible pain, no concession on her work from college, added with some more health issues topped up with her assignments to complete in a month’s time, was really a great challenging issue for me & my daughter. I couldn’t see her in pain with all tension of her assignments as she is doing fashion design course she had to do her stitching in that condition. All with her left foot she has to manage. Obviously it gave her a lot of pain in that condition & she would cry uncontrollably losing all her hope. Even I would cry ....
So I posted my daughter’s case to Sharat Sir requesting for his blessings. As usual Sir started giving special blessings & consequently her condition improved. Gradually she finished her work & gave her jury. The jury turned out to be very very good & all the jury members complemented her work & her designs.Her & mine joy knew no bounds. Now just waiting for the results on her convocation day (29/05/18) .She also recovered from her fractured foot very quickly without feeling any sense of irritation or itching (not even 1%) due to plaster. Thanks to Divine energies & vk who showered their blessings on her constantly, be it her work or health. I spent the entire month 24*7 (rather more) in giving her constant healing energies of ALL CLEAR SERUM, PAIN CARE SERUM, BALANCE SERUM, VOB & PsYCHIC SURGERY of reiki energy for her foot.
I feel what would happen if I had not known Sharat Sir or not had vk with me.
Sir tussi great ho ki apne hum sabhi ko vk gift diya hai. Aap jiyo hamesha khushiyon ke saath yahi humari prayers hai Divine se.

Its just not enough ever how much gratitude I offer

Phir bhi Gratitude to Sharat sir, Divine & VK


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    I would like to add a very important thing that i along with all these healing energies I always offered LOVE SERUM & Gratitude to the universe & my daughter ‘s college faculties ,daily. It works real wonders. Its like a booster to all the healing energies.
  • @Ritu

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience healing your daughter for both health and studies.

    Gratitude to Sir for his ever compassionate attitude and willingness to help.


  • This is once again to mention that during that period or in fact whenever I come across any issues in life, co-incidentally there is always a post by Sharat sir or Rakhi ,relevant to my very issue. so like everytime , there was a post by Sharat sir on Maha Mrityunjay mantra for Health. And that was what I constantly kept adding to her healing energies.
    The constant & selfless efforts by Litairian team for helping everyone in the universe are so very helpful.

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