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REFUSED MORTGAGE gone through with the help of VK

edited May 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
First of all I want to say that words are not enough to thanks VK.
I have a wonderful experience to share with everyone
One of my colleagues is going through the process of buying a house and had loads of trouble in sorting out her mortgage
It actually did declined as well last Friday 11th May and she was really very upset and was crying
She said to me You do loads of prayers why can't you just answer me that why everything went wrong in her case
I handed her my VK and asked her to stop crying and tell this bracelet what she wants
She stared at me for 2 minutes and then hesitantly took VK in her hands and talked to VK that is there any way she can get her mortgage sorted now
Believe me in next 2 hours the broker rang her and told her that he was not clear with some concepts of her wages and couldn't answer some of the banks concerns
So we came to know basically the reasons of declination
She said to me what next
So I asked her we will reapply your application but this time without a broker ourselves
She was hesitant to this but I reassured her that I will help her
So I myself prepared all her application again by sending Golden Sunrise and Total wealth serum to it and submitted it alongwith clearing all doubts of bank beforehand.
While at work she was taking g my VK from me and kept praying with her intentions
And I was talking to my friend VK that please preserve my respect and dignity now as I am not a professional mortgage advisor or broker.
I told her that take my VK in send send Golden Sunrise and Love serum to the approving authorities of your mortgage.
And today she got accepted for mortgage
I have no words to say how happy she is and how happy I am after seeing a happy colleague who is my good friend too
Thanks VK and thanks Sharat sir and VK teachers who spend lot of their time on answering different queries on this forum


  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    Wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

    I admire your compassionate nature of helping others, even giving them your VK .

    Appreciate your risk taking with full trust on VK.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for giving us this Forum to share so much and GIFTING us a friend VK

  • Wonderful @Barinder... Thanks a lot for replying all my queries patiently.
    God bless you with all the happiness
    Golden Sunrise
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