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VK TIP 79 : Action are important,Energies are working for body weight, money, relation, health

edited December 2018 in VK TIPS


When you send energies to your wishes be it health, wealth or relationship. Energies will start working for you . It will make way for you. So now is the action time for you. We are on this planet to do our actions.

:3 Suppose you are energising your business. And you get emails or calls from client. Start working on this. Reply to them. Be ready to present your product features. Don't be stuck in past failures. Get into best deal negotiations. Make changes in your promotional methods. Speak to people and follow guidance.

:3 When you are looking for a partner and you registeted on matrimonial sites , as people contact you get into the action mode. Groom yourself. Meet them, feel the energy and take decisions. Don't feel exhausted on past rejections . Move to next prospect if one does not fit. Work towards to get the best as you deserve the best.

:3 When you are healing your health and mind allow the energies to work. Feel the happiness in small and don't always be anxious to see big changes . Dont think about the people who say this cannot be healed. Be open to receive abundance of health.

:3 If you are healing your career to change a job. Opportunities may come. Be ready to embrace them. Work to prepare your best resume, wear perfect attire for your interview. Dont think of past rejections . Smile at the opportunity and move ahead with happiness.

:3 if you are healing your body weight, be open to follow the guidance. You may come across a fitness programme or a Gym offer. Or you may come across an article to follow some diet guidance. You may get an idea to work with VK in a new way

:3 If you are healing your relationship or addiction patterns of your family members, be compassionate with them. Allow the energies to work. Help them to recover with patience.
Take efforts to make their environment easy and enjoyable with you.

:3 For some people, things may appear to change overnight, but for some others, it may take time. Keep the intention to happen NOW. Don't compare with others. Keep doing your actions !!

Energies will help you to remove blocks and make the path smoother, but your Efforts will make you a WINNER !!

Read this link to have more information

Do share your experiences with VK

Thank you Sharat Sir for gift of VK .



  • Wow..!
    What an encouraging post, the words are just pumping the inspiration energy to the reader.
    24 karat Golden thanks... to Sharat Sir n Rakhi ji for enlightening guidance of the right path.
    Golden Sunrise.. Divine VK!
    Please Bless Everyone to be at Peace n Harmony in every aspect of their Life!!!

  • @Onsky1

    Thank you for your thanks and kind words with blessings. Gratitude to Sir for VK and his wonderful teachings .

    Do share your experiences with VK

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