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VK Tip 78 :Regulating urine frequency,urine leakage problems,loss of urinary control,Keegel exercise

edited December 2018 in VK TIPS


We see Elders in the families who are not able to have proper urine control because of loss of sensations from brain and ageing kidneys.

Can we help them with VK. Yes !!!

:3 Use a combination of BRAIN SERUM and KEY PEN SERUM as many times as you can .

:3 Key Pen Serum works on kidney function to regulate urine flow and even on pancreas to control sugar balance.

Brain Serum helps to take care of aging problems including loss of urinary control.

You can even add Perfect Health Serum for their nutritional deficiency and stamina.

Add GOLDEN SUNRISE to enhance any healing. BALANCE SERUM can be added without a second thought.

:3 In this way we can help them in common problems like urine leakage and kidney problems.

The frequency will depend on the need. Do this regularly with patience to see the desried results.

Additional Tip : For men, with prostate problems, please add MEN SERUM with above combination.

You can add energy of KEEGEL Exercise using intention with Safety and security. This exercise helps to strengthen pelvic muscles at helps to maintain bowel and urinary functions

You can do VITAL ORGAN BALANCING of Kidneys too daily for few min.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips.

Thank you Sir for the gift of VK.


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