How to get energy from VK for a whole day and intention with serums.

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A Reiki healer sends Reiki for 20 minutes and then seals Reiki energy flowing through a recipient with the intention 'May Reiki keep flowing for the next 24 hrs. How can one use VK to send energy to a recipient continuously for a day?



  • @Saibisa

    VK is designed to heal or send energy for 30 minutes after a request is placed.

    So you can request after every 30 min.

    Sir has conducted many experiments on VK and guided that after a request is placed, VK will send energy continuously only for 30 min. After 30 min VK remains idle.

    IF you wear VK, VK will follow your positive clear intentions 24 x 7.

    You can use multiple VK to boost the healing if the energy requirement is more. Or you can take charged water, one sip every 10 min to increase energy levels.

  • If I want to cleanse my son's aura using VK, can I hold VK close to his body and say VK pl heal my son's aura now n forever and then rotate for 5 to 10 minutes?
  • @Saibisa

    Yes you can. You can also give your son BALANCE SERUM regularly
  • @Saibisa ji,
    I had practices reiki healing earlier and yes you are right a reiki healer requests reiki energies to flow for 24 hrs or till it get healed.
    But this is a ritual being followed by the healers or we called it reiki energy will work for a quite long after a session, to be truthful it is just an asumption.

    While when using VK it has own wisdom and it can give you that amount of energy in 30 minutes or less time ie; much much faster easy convenient and safe & secure.

    Also with VK you don't need to first clean then charge then lock and finally cut as you are not the energy channel while sending energies with VK and hence no back effects.
    Must read this article by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji
  • @Saibisa ji,
    By only wearing VK boost aura of the wearer to 200 percents.

    Still if you want you can request
    for me/my son/xyz.

    As guided by Rakhi didi BALANCE SERUM is the Cosmic serum invented by Sir in it balance more than 23 aspects of life physically/mentally and emotionally.
    BALANCE SERUM can be clubbed with any healing and Cosmic serums/energy combination.
    Please read here
  • Dear teachers,

    1. Just as BALANCE SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM can be added with any serum or energy, is it ok to add SHIELD OF 7 RAYS also in the same way?
    2. As BALANCE SERUM can balance so many aspects of life and I wish to send BALANCE SERUM to an image of a person regularly, pl tell me how should I word my intention?
      Thank you.
  • @Saibisa

    1. Yes
    2. If you read full article , at the end Sir explains that it works on multiple aspects...if you use this energy without any particular intention. VK will send energy wherever it is required. Because we may know few areas where this energy is required but we may be just unaware of other areas. So when we allow VK to use its wisdom it will send the energy wherever required.
  • With reference to your reply to ques.2, I do understand that BALANCE SERUM will work wherever required without any particular intention.
    Does it mean that I can hold VK over a pic and just say VK pl activate and send BALANCE SERUM x 3 without "saying" any intention at all?

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher A thought just struck me. Since VK is an intentional tool will it work if I send BALANCE SERUM , ALL CLEAR SERUM, SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to a pic without any intention?

  • @Saibisa

    VK is an intentional tool when you place intentions or when you have clear positive thoughts it follows you while you wear it.

    The more clearer thoughts and repeated it is wil follow you more on that particular thought.

    Regarding specific energy systems....the energy system is designed to act on a particular issue like TOTAL WEALTH SERUM will work on areas of prosperity.

    HEART SERUM will work on blood circulation and heart and heart chakra .

    So here you dont need to place an intention. You just have to know where or to whom the energy is to be sent. So the intention is only for the receiver whom you want should receive it.

    However sometimes we do direct energies with intention. Like a small child swallowed a ring. So ALL clear serum was given with intention for it to come out of body.

    A person who has constipation so you can keep VK on abdomen with chanting of ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    Sometimes a person has fear of heights and is performing some feat so you can place energy of BRAVO SERUM while he or she is doing the act.

    So choose accordingly
  • Thank you so much :)

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