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VK TIP 75 : PLATINUM TIP OF LOVE & GRATITUDE, Release negative emotions, attract new life

edited December 2018 in VK TIPS


:3 There are many emotions which gets trapped in our bodies since childhood. Some emotions hurt our body and give rise to health and emotional imbalances. They also come in our way of progressing in our lives. Rather than moving ahead we always feel stuck.

:3 So here is an exercise to do with VK to release such emotions.

Gratitude creates a higher frequency. So how about saying I THANK YOU ?
When we say I LOVE YOU....Love can create the highest vibration in our body.

Love and Gratitude together can create wonders with VK. How....Experience it yourself !!

:3 Procedure.

<3 Step 1... While wearing VK, write on a paper


Just keep writing this continuously for 15 min.

You can type on your computer or phone but do not copy paste.

<3 Step 2.. While you are writing this think about people in your life right from childhood.
Do NOT think forcefully . Just allow them to come randomly in your thoughts.

It can be relatives friends even a milkman or vegetable vendors or neighbors or people who met you only once.

<3 Just let them come in your thoughts at any speed as they come.

<3 Continue writing for 15 min

<3 You may feel change in emotions..... sometimes you may smile or sometimes you may cry or any other feeling or no feeling too. Don't stop , continue to write for 15 min.

<3 Step 3.... After 15 min, hold VK in your hand and say


Say this 3 times and keep VK on the paper or aside for 30 min

Do this daily at least for few weeks.

B) You will feel lighter in your heart and body. You may overcome chronic illness. You may experience personality changes. Many blocks may dissolve.

Do this without expectation , that would be best !! Don't look out for changes, ALLOW VK to work for you

Do share your experiences with VK and this exercise.

Thank you Sharat Sir for this beautiful guidance and VK in our life .



  • Additional Tip : Do NOT write I AM SORRY OR PLEASE FORGIVE ME in the above exercise.

    Sir guides that when we write or say Sorry or Forgiveness multiple times, by LOA we attract more such situations in our lives to keep on saying Sorry Sorry Sorry. Also we lower our frequency with such words.

    I did this experiment…..

    1. I kept saying I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU for few minutes.
    2. I kept saying I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME for few minutes

    The first one…….. gave me a vibrant feeling

    The second one…….. depressed me to the core

    So choice is ours !!

  • Woww thankyou Didi for sharing this and this is divine coincidence that today morning i had amazing experience with these magical words of gratitudes.
    I have already shared in VK Success stories.
    Thankyou for sharing all the beautiful tips with detail guidance and experiences.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for your thanks. Thanks to Sharat Sir for this guidance.

  • Started Today! Love you Thank you :)

  • Golden Sunrise,Rakhi ji for detailed information on intension clears my way,to become user and teacher
  • @Shirish


    Thanks for the feedback on the post information.

    Do share your VK experiences on litairian forum to inspire all of us.
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