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Healed VIRAL FEVER and CRAMPS with D Fev Serum

edited May 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

GoldenSunrise Divine souls,

My friend's wife and kid (3 to 4 year old) had viral fever with temperature of 104 C running for the past week.

I have performed healing with VK using D Fev Serum( and GS,ACS,PHS etc).She recovered or got rid of the fever within 30 min (last thursday)

for the kid, i have performed two to three sessions (30 mins each) for two days(friday and saturday)
then yesterday night , he was unable to walk due to some cramps (supposed after effects of viral fever).they did not have access to any doctor or hospital.

I have performed healing with VK using D Fev Serum,ACS,BCS,PCS and Maha mrityunjaya mantra for twice(60 mins).

he immediately recovered (lost the viral fever and became normal) and started walking.

Thank you all,



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