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Major surgery went smoothly and successfully

My mother had been suffering from gall bladder stone from a long time, she had taken some homeopathic medicine for short duration but nothing much apart from that.

And About a month ago she got suddenly hospitalised due to severe abdominal pain.

Everyone was very worried as she was in excruciating pain. Soon after she was hospitalised we were told that it’s not just about stone but there seems to be infection too and whole of her gall bladder will have to be removed. We were all shocked as we only anticipated minor surgery to remove a stone but now it came to this.

Since I came to know about her state i started giving here Golden Sunrise and Pain care serum to give her strength and reduce her pain. It was such a helpless situation in the beginning and at that time having VK by my side was not only helping my mother to be strong and bear the pain but also like a lifeline for me to calm me knowing that I can help her out in some way.

But I really felt she needed more help as she was still in lot of discomfort. I was bit hesitant to contact Sharat sir as I felt he must be very busy but as I was too worried so I messaged him with details about my mom. And there he was..he replied very promptly and suggested me to send her Digee Serum as much as possible.

And not only that, he sent her healing and non stop healing during her surgery too. Throughout the was his support and healing that not only helped my mom but me too...emotionally and mentally. Most of all... I literally felt a divine presence blessing and protecting my mother.
I had a dream where me and my mother were in a scary roller coaster type ride. Though with very beautiful backdrop there were stones falling over us. Then I heard my mom tell me..”I am not scared” And soon we were back on ground, safe and sound.

Also checking the forum and site I did Maha Mritunjay Meditation for her a couple of times. I also charged all the liquids she had with serums.

And after the surgery was done...the doctors revealed that it was actually a very serious situation as gall bladder had burst inside and only because they had the best team they could still do this surgery in minimally invasive way exactly as I had prayed and asked from sir and my VK.

The support of VK and Sharat sir was Godsent as I really feel because of that she could cope with all the pain and surgery. Couple of days after the surgery my mother was able to start walking as it wasn’t too invasive. The reports came out fine and a major cloud was lifted.

As soon as she was back I gifted her the VK and couldn’t feel more relieved as it actually gives me feeling that she is being taken care of and protected.

It’s been a month now..keeping dietary precautions my mother is fine and healthy again :)


  • @anuk187

    Thank you for sharing your experiences in so much details... with VK and Sharat Sirs healing.

    Appreciate your patience and determination to follow all guidance and practise it too.

    Happy to know your mom took the surgery in a good stride and recovered well too. VK has come as a blessing to her.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for always being so compassionate and helping people to cope up with health so beautifully.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Keep sharing your experiences and motivate all of us here !!
  • :thankyou @anuk187 for sharing your experience. Keep healing.

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