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VK TIP 70 : Healthy foods with Cosmic Serums through the day

edited December 2018 in VK TIPS

Here are some Easy Healthy Tips with VK.

As you can charge water you can even charge your foods.

Hold VK say the Serum name 3 times. Rotate VK over the item 15-20 times.
Then say GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times and rotate VK over the same item 15-20 times.


:3 Charge your water for cooking with PERFECT HEALTH SERUM.

:3 Charge children's tiffin or snacks boxes with STUDY SERUM for good focus in studies.

:3 Charge butter , cheese with FLAB DOWN SERUM to slim down to perfect weight.

:3 Charge edible oils or ghee with HEART SERUM to have a healthy heart

:3 Charge candies lollipops with EYE SERUM for children's eyesight.

:3 Charge some chocolates with LOVE SERUM for your spouse to increase romance in your life .
Remember you should not have them.
You can charge some other sets of chocolate with ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (If you are a female) or ALPHA MALE SERUM (For males)

:3 Charge evening snacks with IMMUNE SERUM to boost immunity

:3 Charge your soups or desserts with BEAUTY SERUM to beautify your skin, hair, nails and teeth.

:3 Help your spouse to de-addict by charging hard drinks/tobacco/cigars with ANTI ADDICTION SERUM.

:3 Charge baby foods with BABY CARE SERUM for healthy growth.

:3 Remember to also charge these foods with GOLDEN SUNRISE for an enhanced effect.

:3 You can add BALANCE SERUM to any healing without a second thought.

Remember once charged you can have them till they are consumed. No need to recharge.

Please check the links in this post to know how each energy helps. Read the section BASICS OF VK in this forum to know how easily VK can be used in the form of learning posts by Sharat Sir.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips


  • Awesome VK tip with wonderful illustrated examples...Thanks..Golden Sunrise...! Rakhi ji.

  • @Onsky1

    Thank you for your thanks. Thanks to Sharat Sir for making VK so versatile yet so simple to use.


    Do share your experiences with VK Tips !!
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