Crisis of finance

Golden sunrise I m using vk for the last four months and I m taking tws gs alpha male balance serum etc but problem is same where I m wrong what should I do earnings are not ready to come pl guide I m worried


  • @Sandeep_6564

    Please elaborate what is the situation/problem of
    CRISIS of finance and
    Earnings are Not ready to come.

    And what steps are you taking in person to overcome the these situations. What is your expectation ?

    How frequently are you taking the energies with VK and how

    This will help us to understand and guide you more
  • Mam I m business associates in stock market and working last 15 years but from the last 4 years I m facing finance problem clients take advice from me and do business some where else and if I called clients they said will do after sometimes but they do not do business with me due to this my income is less and expenses are still same and growing day by day as my two kids are growing and I m using to meet my expenses my previous savings and selling of ornaments now if same condition remain then I had to take loan or to sold my house
  • I m taking above mentioned energies four times in a day my expectation is to become a magnet of clients so that they also benefitted as well as myself
  • I m waiting reply of my query pl guide
  • @Sandeep_6564

    As per my discussion with @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor and his guidance for your situation ...I am writing this post

    With all Stock market advisory. You were also doing alternate healing for many people . These healings you did directly and NOT through VK.

    While healing you have given YOUR OWN SOUL's energy to people whom you healed. They got the results but in the process YOUR Soul energy was getting DEPLETED.

    This is attracting negativity around you and your family.

    To revive your own energy Sharat Sir already guided you to take HANUMAN CHALISA's energy as much as possible using VK.

    You need to fill yourself with Hanuman Chailsa's energy to REVIVE your soul. Then its possible to attract what you want.

    Also if you are still healing people with other healing methods not using VK as are further attracting negativity.
    Best is to take a break to heal other people....when you yourself needs it most.

    Now it depends on you. What you want to attract.

    Best is to take HANUMAN CHALISA energy maximum for yourself. Dont use VK for other people's problem.

    Revive yourself.

    Separately you can continue with the combination of TOTAL WEALTH SERUM ALPHA MALE SERUM BALANCE SERUM GOLDEN SUNRISE.

    As your soul gets revived with Hanuman Chalisa' s energy....your situation will improve.

    If you are already taking HC energy...please increase the dose.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your healings !!

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for his extraordinary Psychic abilities and Spiritual powers and to share his knowledge and guidance to others !!

  • Thank you for taking advice from sharat sir I had talk to sir four months back at the time of order the vk he guide me as above mentioned since then I m taking serums and HC energy regularly but condition is still same.

    As sir knows me that I m reiki grand master, angel therapy, magnified healing violet flame reiki, Karuna reiki etc and it is true if someone only discuss any problem to me then automatically their problem get resolved through only my thought process I do not use any reiki healing angels do the solution then how can I stop this process to revive myself.

    Second I have my old house in Saharanpur where my cousin brother lives and my mother also leave there and he is indulged in some tantras I have to go there for my mother It may possible some negative entities are there I wear vk with shield of 7 rays but still negativity persists with me then how can I came out with these problems.
  • @Sandeep_6564

    Its already mentioned in above post. Take a break from healing others.

    People are approaching you as a healer. So put a STOP to such communication.

    How you will do this you know better.

    Increase the dose of Hanuman Chalisa. Whatever past actions you have done giving your soul energy need to revive with VK and Hanuman Chalisa energy.

    If you still keep on healing others in whatever ways are again depleting your own energy.

    You need to check your priorities in life and do your actions.

    We can only guide you. Its upto you what you want to follow.

    About exposing to tantric activities....again you are the one to choose. Guidance is same as above.

    First revive yourself !!!

    You said that you are taking TWS four times. You havnt mentioned about Hanuman Chalisa energy in any of your above posts.

    If that too you are taking only 4 times....then wait and see how long you take to Revive.

    If Sir has guided you already with HC energy you need to take that on priority.
  • @Sandeep_6564

    I know a VK user who was badly affected at soul level. The person was guided to take only HC Water every 15 min.

    The person started throwing up. But we guided to continue in any case. After few days of continuous HC , the person managed to get better..

    It was the trust and determination that the person came out of so much negavity inspite of vomitting and giddiness.

    It has taken few weeks to clear negativity by sipping HC water every 15 to 30 min.
  • Thank you for motivation I will increase the HC energy to revive my self then I will share my experience later on golden sunrise
  • @Sandeep_6564

    Thats great. Thank you for your thanks.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for his knowledge sharing and teachings.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your Soul !!

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher After reading above discussion I have one question ...

    If a person is doing healing with VK for other members of family than his soul energy is also depleted ?? or this is just related with reiki healer ?

  • @apoorvm

    Energy depletion is for people who use their own energy in Reiki healing process.

    When you use VK for any healing, you are not the healer, VK is the healer. you are just requesting VK to send energy or heal. So there is no energy depletion of VK user especially when you compare to Reiki healing without VK.

    VK also protects it's user rather than energy depletion.

    When you have VK , you actually don't need to use any other healing modality. But some Reiki healers are having VK, but still practise Reiki healing and deplete their own energy !!

    They actually have a choice to mimick Reiki through VK and keep them safe with their energy levels !!

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