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VK Tip 68 : Speed up Court Cases, Litigation, Disputes, lawsuits

edited December 2018 in VK TIPS

Some Tips for Court Cases or Lawsuits using VK

:3 Send GOLDEN SUNRISE to all legal papers and court proceedings. This will make negative things positive. Just request VK to send GOLDEN SUNRISE energy to ......

:3 While in the Court Room, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as possible. Take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS as and when required.

:3 Send SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to all your legal and financial documents.

You can club GOLDEN SUNRISE and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS this

VK please send GOLDEN SUNRISE x3, SHIELD OF 7 RAYS x 3 to all my legal and financial documents. This helps in protecting from any possible misuse by others.

:3 Send ALL CLEAR SERUM for Court case. This will remove all obstacles.

If its a long pending case or if you want to speed up the case.

Write on the paper ,

Court case between XYZ and ABC (where XYZ and ABC are 2 parties to the case).

Hold VK and rotate over this written words chanting ALL CLEAR SERUM for few minutes and then GOLDEN SUNRISE for few mins daily or as you feel.

:3 Send ONE SOUL SERUM for both parties. This will remove resistance from both parties and direct them to settle and move ahead in life.

Write the names of both parties and all the people who are influencing the decisions of these parties in a circle. Hold VK and say

And keep VK on this circle for 30 min.

You can include CALM DOWN SERUM if there is aggression or anger in both parties.

:3 Use TOTAL WEALTH SERUM for material benefit. If it's a case that relates to some property or asset, Send TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to your share of the asset.

It is guided to give energy to "YOUR SHARE OF THE ASSET". In this way, you will not judge, whether you deserve the whole asset or part. You allow the Divine energies to work to the best of all, while still protecting your interest.

:3 If its your OWN Court Case, i.e. you are one of the party to the case, send LOVE SERUM to the opposite party.

Please don't get stuck with the word LOVE while using this energy, LOVE SERUM is an energy combination which helps to reconcile the situation. So send it to help yourself .....and the matter settles peacefully.

You can also send LOVE SERUM to both side lawyers and Judge.

:3 You can drink charged water with
MOOD UP SERUM(If you feel low) or CALM DOWN SERUM (if you are in anger or aggressive mode),
TOTAL WEALTH SERUM (if case relates to wealth)
ALPHA WOMAN SERUM /ALPHA MALE SERUM (for confidence and winning attitude) and

Read here how to choose between MOOD UP SERUM and CALM DOWN SERUM

Additional Tips :

<3 If a person uses VK to save a person who has committed a crime or involved in illegal practise, VK will just NOT WORK !! Its futile to use VK for such motives !

<3 In most of the cases, there is grudge between the parties. As a VK user, Keep the intention that whatever should happen it should be best for both the parties karmically. This will help to speed up the case and to a satisfying outcome.

<3 Remember VK follows only positive clear requests/intentions. And it will work only for the BEST to happen to you. Keep the intention for peaceful settlement NOW FOREVER.

Check the hyperlinks to know how each energy works. Also read the learning posts by Sharat Sir in Section BASICS of VK on this Forum, how to place request, how frequently and how long,........

Do share your experiences with VK tips

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for gift of VK to all of us !!



  • Thank u di @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher .need of the hour
  • I love my VK. I had just finished talking to a lady that I’m working with in a court case. As I opened my Facebook page there was tip 68 nothing unusual about that kind of thing but I was sure excited. During this court case she has been chanting in her head GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as possible and has seen thing shift minutes after she looks at that person or instance and says GOLDEN SUNRISE How special thank you sir
  • @Pollyanna

    Thank you for sharing the experience with GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting. Keep spreading the happiness all around as you do.
  • I’m helping a friend who is dating a man for four years waiting for a messy divorce to be complete. She wants an Energy Circle to put her water on both for herself and the gentleman. When I look at the instructions above it seems like you almost have to be a VK user to do most of the things above. Is there anyway I can activate her water for them to drink with the idea of bringing this divorce case to fruition .?

  • @Pollyanna ji,
    Yes in the above Tip LOVE SERUM can be used by a VK user only for case/relations/situated related to him self.

    You can activate direct request for your friend and the other party with GOLDEN SUNRISE, ONE SOUL SERUM.

    Add CALM DOWN SERUM if any anger in between.

    :star: please read article once, about using ..... ONE SOUL SERUM could not be given in water

    You can give ALL CLEAR SERUM to the situation to remove obstacles.

    You can also simply request VK in your own words VK PLEASE MAKE WAYS FOR THIS DIVORCE CASE TO FRUITION.
    or Your inner Guidance.

  • @Pollyanna

    If you want to make an EC

    You can put both spouses name in a circle , who are planning divorce and write


    You can even put BACH FLOWER REMEDY in EC if you think any remedy which both require to let go .....

    To learn more about switch words , you can participate on our Facebook page SWITCHWORD MAGIC FOREVER. and also refer the SWITCH WORD DICTIONARY by Sharat Sir

    Also request VK that they both should let go peacefully and move ahead in individual lives successfully. Since you are connected to the lady, you can also do this counselling.

    The more they let go....the easier it gets in Court cases.

    Cosmic Serums work beyond mind at soul level, but if you feel for an EC you could do this additionally.

  • I want to share what I did . They seem to like EC‘s because they can see something. Where they can’t with water. So they put their water on the EC and then I activate it with the extra serums... The gentleman in his water I gave him total will serum and shield of seven raise to secure his portion of the assets and also put in the water all clear serum to remove obstacles release fear golden sunrise and mood up. He is using two different waters so the second one I put in the water the VK make way for this divorce to come to fruition peaceful settlement now and forever then I added golden sunrise, bravo serum,and mood up. Does that sound all right as to what I did . I am doing direct request for golden sunrise one so serum and calm down. Then I also use a picture of the husband and the ex-wife and asked VK to let them go peacefully and move ahead in individual live successfully. And I leave my VK’s on there for 30 minutes. Pthank you my friends.

  • @Pollyanna


    Thats great.

    You can actually club these 2 together on their photo

    1. I am doing direct request for golden sunrise one so serum and calm down.
    2. Then I also use a picture of the husband and the ex-wife and asked VK to let them go peacefully and move ahead in individual live successfully.

    Both these points relate to same healing, so can be clubbed.


    ONE SOUL SERUM can be given on picture of all recipients too....check point 1D in the article.

    Though the example is with LOVE SERUM for own relationship. It also includes for without LOVE SERUM for others relationship.

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