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VK TIP 66 : Pampering with Beauty sessions, Facial

A New way to Pamper yourself with VK while saving on money too.

How about activating sessions or requesting VK for effect of exclusive facials from Branded parlors ??

Yes it's possible.

VK has a special feature to mimic other modalities. You can mimic such sessions with intention safety and security.

Hold VK and say

VK please give effect of RADIANT GLOW ORGANIC FACIAL from LAKME SALON to me with safety and security

Say this 3 times and keep VK aside for 30 min.

Pl specify the names correctly and choose the sessions as per your need.

Additional Tip : VK can mimic beauty session effects, but do pamper yourself with actual beauty sessions too. It’s a different feeling to get yourself pampered by someone else.

Charge your personal hygiene and Beauty Products like face creams, body creams, moisturisers, cosmetics, soaps, face wash with BEAUTY SERUM and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (for females) and ALPHA MALE SERUM (For males)

You can also charge these products with ALL CLEAR SERUM to clear acne, blemishes, pimples or scars.

You can additionally charge drinking water with above Cosmic Serums and have it regularly for good results.

You can do Vital Organ Balancing of face with VK as per this video.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips.



  • As a fun experiment i requested VK to ACTIVATE this particular Lakme Beauty treatment as i felt that it would be good for me.


    After i placed the request, i forgot about it. After around 10 mins i started feeling a tingling sensation around my cheeks and around the chin.

    After few minutes i felt something is pulling from inside. I started wondering whats happening . I realised i requested VK to ACTIVATE a Facial Session....and i was actually feeling the tingling and pulling which happens in massage and post face pack application. =)

    After an hour or so i checked my face in mirror and i could see some freshness that comes after a facial. B)

    After actual facials, i get some redness usually....which i didn't get...probably because the request was with Safety and Security.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for amazing feature of VK mimicking other modalities !!

  • Hi @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I tried to mimicking but nothing happened so how to do it properly
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    Post here how you requested VK

  • I request Vk to activate herbal facial session for me from kaya skin clinic. With safety and security *3 times

    Even on d same day I requested to activate foot massage session for me with safety and security *3times

    And i kept VK aside for 30mins
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    What did you expect in these 2 requests to happen for you
  • edited May 2018
    I was expecting facial muscles relaxation and glow in skin.

    Foot relaxation cos my ankle and sole was paining terribly.
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    When we request VK to mimic any other healing does exact mimicking.

    When we say ACTIVATE healing....some VK users feel the sensations in the healing.

    When we say Give the EFFECT of healing ....VK users may see the End results.

    However when there is mimicking it depends on the VK users alignment to VK for that healing .

    VK users who are highly aligned would sense even the minute changes. The Same VK users while they are not aligned at a particular time....may not feel any sensational changes.

    Also to see a remarkable or significant change it depends on the current state of the Receiver.

    If the energy need is higher or different than what is sent ....the expected results may not be seen.

    In your case, the ankle and sole pain might be so much that a massage wouldnt have helped even it it was actually given in reality and NOT through VK.

    So VK only mimicked massage ...but with more would need PAIN CARE SERUM at a frequency of every 10 to 15 min.

    Mimicking of foot massage has not given you the expected results because of too much pain which may need something more than a massage.

    To feel the sensation of facial muscles. You were probably not aligned enough to feel it.

    For glow of skin ...maybe you can use BEAUTY SERUM and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM.
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    If mimicking has not given desired results ...its important to check the cause of problem.

    The reason of ankle and sole pain in women can be wearing high heels footwear or uncomfortable footwear. And if the person is on higher side in weight....this could further add to strained muscles in feet and lot of pain if there is more walking.

    Do check your footwear and you can follow this Tip 7 on Walking and Jogging.
  • I am really happy to share this.Due to busy schedule I am lazy to go outside for facial.So I hold Vk and request once in a month to activate the effect of Radiant Glow Organic facial from Lakme Salon with safety and security and I can see a huge face is much more clear and it reduced my pores..I feel more positive and energetic..Thankyou so much Sharat Sir.
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