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VIBBES SEEDER - Perfect sleep partner

edited July 2018 in VIBBES SEEDER

I got inspired from @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ji experiment of hugging VS, So i started hugging VS during my sleep for a week and then slept without VS for a week. This experiment showed me the power of VS, each time i slept hugging VS the entire body would be vibrating through out sleep duration and morning would be so refreshing and energetic. Following week when i slept without VS, Sleep was good but morning waking up was tiring, since hugging VS everyday was not feasible so i requested VK to mimic the same and to my surprise the sleep was same as it was when i used to hug VS and sleep. Even placing our palm on VS for 5 mins just before going to sleep, calms down the mind and prepares body for perfect sleep. Like Divine VK, VS also has its own intelligence to bring balance of whatever it come across. Thank you Sharat Sir for bring such blessed cosmic energies in our life's.


  • Woww amazing @girichander ji,
    This is the beauty of VK and VS, much appreciated all your experiences and enthusiasm.
    You are taking up this experiment to another level of miracle now.
    Thankyou for sharing, adding to the miraculous powers of VS i am sharing another experience in few days.
    Thankyou for sharing beautiful experiences.
    Golden sunrise to all your efforts.
    Gratitudes to Sir :innocent:
  • Thank you for your thanks Puneetji, Awaiting to read about ur experience!!!
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