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VK is Fragrance of Goodness, Positivity Guaranteed

Success is rather a generic term. Mostly when we achieve something, we say that we were successful. But Divine has its own ways which is entirely selfless and for well being of all. This reminds me of a unique incident, that took place several years ago, which I must say, was the Divine's mercy manifested through VK. Moreover, it is also accredited to Sharat Sir's maiden venture to create VK as the most powerful tool, I have ever known.

I will not name the person as defaming is not our purpose. This person from Tamil Nadu, was a VK user but by nature, he was very fearful and full of doubts. As he used to interact with me and share every thick and thin of his life, I knew his basic nature. All counselling from my end was in vain for him. He had his own logistics business and in his own words, he earned a lot from the moment he chose to have a VK. But due to his weak nature of staggering belief, he used to approach experts in other modalities including Tantra etc. Different masters advised different procedures and technique and he followed whatever. I don't know what went wrong but soon he faced a downhill skid - both physically and financially.

Since, we never had to defend VK in performance, he blamed it for his situation, forgetting it was because of VK, he achieved his heights. So frightened was he, that in rage and hatred he threw his VK into a dungyard. It was a filthy area with a pit of foul water accumulated. Even sewage water and waste material also used to be dumped there. He kept low after that and I did not hear from him for one and a half year.

One fine afternoon he called me and we exchanged a hello. He was sounding very timid and scared as ever. I asked him purpose of his call and in a very low voice he requested, if I could ask Sharat Sir to send him a New VK. Obviously, I asked him what happened to the VK he already had. He said, he lost it. I asked him that he need not to worry. He just has to ask Sir and he will send another one, but what is he scared of. He requested that I should recommend, as he was hesitant to ask Sir directly. Suddenly he broke into to tears. Between sobs he told me that being frightened and convinced by other people, he has thrown away his VK. Honestly, I was angry at him. I could not believe it. Controlling myself, I asked him that if he could have gone that far in hatred & doubt for VK, then why was he asking for a New VK.

He was so ashamed to narrate that now, I had to give him some encouragement. He told me that since last few days, he was reconciling the facts, analyzing conclusively that "when I have earned a lot in my business, because of VK itself, then why did it came to my mind to discard it? Then it clicked to me that I was been totally mislead by some people who advised me negatively. I sighed on his ignorance, "And how did you come to this conclusion?" I finally asked him, when he revealed that it was just a co-incidence that he happened to pass by the same place where he threw away his VK. After one and a half year, he could not believe his eyes to see that spot. Municipal Department of the state had converted that dung-yard into a Picnic Spot. It was a totally different scenario there. Flowers were blooming instead of garbage, a small pond in place of sewage water and children playing around there. This confirmed me what I lost.

I narrated the whole conversation to Sharat Sir and requested if he may give this person another VK. And you know big is Sharat Sir's heart, he sent another VK to him on the very next day.

My surprise learning was that Faith or No Faith, VK always does something positive. Its presence itself is a boon. VK rocks.


  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    Wonderful narration Sir. Everytime i read this experience that you shared with us earlier in team, it gives me a feeling how blessed Sharat Sir is that he is so very Divinely blessed to see the Cosmic Energies . And he has not kept the power of its advantage to him....but is giving away to people in form of VK.

    The person himself coming back to Sir through you for another VK shows how VK also goes to a person as a blessing.

    I wonder many times though this incident of throwing away VK and facing difficulties took place is the greatest way of learning for his own life. As well as for all of us feel blessed that we have Divine gift from Sir in VK.

    Thank you for sharing Sanjay Sir.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir....falling short of words to express gratitude.

    God bless him !!

  • Wonderful experience and I felt each n every word filled with Divine energy... Thanks @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir for sharing and Sharat Sir for being so open hearted like motherly love.
  • I Feel Blessed with Divine Light Everytime remembering this beautiful experience shared by You Sir :innocent:
    Nothing can be better than this for users to know about Amazing miraculous powers of VK and master @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji.
    Gratitudes Sir for sharing with us :heart:
  • Very true that Sharat Sir has made such easy tool for accessing the cosmic energy... Thank you Sir for blessing my family with VK & VS.. :3
  • :thankyou @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    For reminding again the worth of VK to all of us.
    :thankyou @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor
    :thankyou VKay.

  • Inspiring story :heart:

  • Inspiring reality and beautiful outcome. On the Contrary I was thinking If some construction workers has found VK and using or given someone to use it then that person would be enjoying the benefits without even knowing the true powers of VK, And if he has felt the power then I think he would be continuing his belief like a child and as its told that VK hears the heart of the person :)

  • If that's the case I might buy a VK in the future and throw it in the Ganges river to maintain it's beauty from impurities with the help of VK. Or I'll just request VK to clean the river of Ganges!
  • @BestMan i appreciate your thoughts about nature and cleaning of Ganges river.

    Yes Divine energies of VK can remove impurities from river....but to be practical a huge mission with lots of manpower and people with same thoughts and pure heart can collectively impure it.
    As the quantity of impurity is high so as the equal quantity of effort and energy is required to transform the ganges rivers.
    But sadly the number of peoples impuring ganges or other rivers or harming nature are in mass as compared to the beautiful souls like you who thought of nature.

    In the above example given by @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher ji, the dunkyard is transformed with some efforts also made and postively people stop to wastage it and additionally you have the experiences of VK magics.

    God bless you :heart:
  • Thank you @Rakhi, Yes, I have narrated this divine happening before but I would love to do it again and again.

    Thank you @girichander.

    Thank you @Chetandurdi

    Thank you @apoorvm, Sorry it is not a story, but a real incident.

    Thank you @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher, you are absolutely right, more and more people should know the unbound divine abilities of VK. It may widen our vision on possibilities through VK. But the best part which I adore is gesture of Sharat Sir. He might not permit, but let me take the liberty to reveal that in this incident, this guy told me names of people who poisoned his mind and misguide him. I was appalled to know their names. I was upset, nearly angry. As it was my duty, I informed Sharat Sir. He knew most of them (One of them learnt from Sir). But he asked me to keep calm and help the poor chap, who got mislead. Without a second thought he told me to inform this guy that his 2nd VK is on the way to him. We all are blessed to be under such a great person's guidance.

  • Well thought @Shrinath, the construction worker who might have got VK, may not have known, how to use it but surely, VK would have had made many of his ways enlightened. I know a person Mr. Mathur, who have never used his VK for last 3 years. When asked he says, he need not do it at all, because the day he wore it, his business flourished in double speed. Only recently, he used it for the first time to heal his daughter's throat infection. He was jumping on the phone while he informed his success.

  • Dear @BestMan what a wonderful thought. You have a pure heart. May you always stay blessed. Throwing away of VK was an act of ex-tempo, and it could be the Divine's plan too. But, you will agree that river Ganges is not a pond. Its a vast flow of purity gauging miles across. The river is being polluted by thousands of ignorant people, who think that just by taking dip into the water will purify them, or throwing remains of their departed ones will attain liberation. We might not change their minds but surely request VK collectively for purification of the purifier Ganges. I am sure, the divine may open ways and the motherly Ganges will be liberated from the pollution.

    Sonny, you know better (from your recent experience) that nothing is impossible for VK if your intentions are pure.

  • thank you! <3

  • Thankyou Sir for Sharing and yes Sir is the most humble and lovable person i know :heart:
    Despite all of dissimilarities of life and situations i always feel my heart Connected to the Divine through him.
    I still have no practical experience of some big words like consciousness, soul, awakening, master and soulmate but for me it is all of HIM.
  • Thank You Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir!
  • Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    I have manifested A LOT MORE RECENTLY and VK is simply GREAT!!!
  • Woww !! Fantastic Kid, we are already proud to have you with us. I await your post to know your achievements..... in fact, we all are waiting

  • Golden Sunrise to all,suppose all the VK users,teachers and Master too,collectively send distant healing to mother Ganges,to change the attitude of people.
  • Dear Shirish,

    Golden SunRise, Its quite a noble idea. We in this group and abroad, join hands very often to heal for natural disasters. We may do as per your advise too.

  • Golden sunrise,Roy sir I have started working on Ganga project since 15 Dec.hope you will guide me further.
    Golden Sunrise.
  • Golden Sunrise @Shirish ji,

    May Maa Ganga bless you, for your crusade is unique - "to purify who purifies All". Kindly go ahead with your pious intentions. Maa Ganga will guide you all the way, nevertheless, we are always beside you.

    Sorry for delayed reply.

  • literally started crying after reading this post . bowed down to my bro thanking him for being wid me . lov u broo my VK

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