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VK TIP 65 : Feel good personality, Be the centre of attraction

What can you do to look Beautiful outside and feel wonderful from inside.

Using a combination of BEAUTY SERUM and ALPHA MALE SERUM (for men) /ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (for females) with VK can get you this. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE to all healing to further enhance the effect.

BEAUTY SERUM is for both males and females and for all age group. It beautifies whole body including skin , hair, nails and teeth.
ALPHA MALE SERUM (for males) and
ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (females) helps to boost your confidence have a charming personality and deal with confidence when you meet people.

So let's pamper ourselves.

Take a filled water bottle . Hold VK, say
GOLDEN SUNRISE x 3 and rotate VK over this bottle 15-20 times( for upto 2 lit water) slowly.
Then say
BEAUTY SERUM x 3 and rotate VK over same bottle 15-20 times.

Then say
and rotate VK over same bottle 15-20 times.

The water is charged . You can take small sips throughout the day at least 4 times and increase the frequency if the need for energy is more.

You can add ALL CLEAR SERUM to clear any unwanted patterns like hyperpigmentation , pimples /acne....

Any number of people can drink from same bottle to have 100 % energy.

Enjoy your day to feel good from outside and inside.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips



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