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Liji Sathish's experience with HEALING INJURY

VK Experience Posted by VK User "Liji Sathish on Facebook page CITIZEN OF LIGHT"

This is her post

Success story.
Yesterday my friend fell down in bathroom and got hurt by a piece of tile.She got injured in her hip and was bleeding.
She could not go to hospital yesterday.
I gave GOLDEN SUNRISE and PAIN CARE SERUM with the help of VK.
Today she told me that the pain is almost gone .She also added that there was no swelling which usually comes the next day .She is happy that she got cured.
Thanking God and Sharat Kumar sir for VK and for making a VK user"a healer" .
God bless.

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You can check this Facebook page for daily updates and posts by Sharat Sir, Team VK and VK users !!

Thanks to Liji for posting her experience !!

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