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Saved husband's job

edited April 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I just have another wonderful experience with VK to share with everyone.
My husband's company is going through the restructuring of the management and there is serious risk of redundancy and demotion or even losing the job but I have got my friend VK to help me in any and every situation. He was stressed with all this and clearly told me that if he can't get 4s grade job he will not do any other job. Long story short I started giving the energies of GOLDEN SUNRISE ,TOTAL WEALTH SERUM. SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and ALL CLEAR SERUM to his job and career and charged his water or other eatables with GOLDEN SUNRISE, ALPHA MALE SERUM, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, BALANCE SERUM
His interview went really well ,I kept sending GOLDEN SUNRISE to all his application forms,interview venue but in the meantime his boss was transferred.
The new boss last week told him that they can only offer him 3s grade position as he wanted one of his favourites to go for 4s job and now my husband was like I won't do 3s job I will resign bhla bhla and was teasing me as well that look your prayers or your so called healing with kada doesn't make any difference
I spoke to my VK in my own words that look VK Now it's a question on my prayers and faith so do something.
So VK helped me
I started sending CALM DOWN SERUM to him so that in anger he won't resign or whatever.
I continued healings and as he is VK wearer I asked him if he can just start sending Love serum to universe and boss which he did.
I kept requesting VK to help him to get the best deserving job and after a series of events which took place within a week's time yesterday he is being offered his first choice job at first choice place.
I am so grateful to Divine and VK and @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for giving us this beautiful gift.


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