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VK TIP 61: Improve relations with Boss,Superiors, team, colleagues, Complete projects successfully

If you feel your Superiors at work, don't understand your situation and treat you without any emotions.

With VK you can improve this situation using LOVE SERUM. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE to enhance the effect.

Just hold VK and Say
"VK please send GOLDEN SUNRISE x 3 ,LOVE SERUM x 3 to my boss/ superiors name."

Keep VK aside for 30 min. After 30 min , VK is free for next healing

How to place a Direct request to VK , must read this BASICS OF VK POST 18 with illustrative examples.

Additional Tip : If you wish you can send LOVE SERUM to your colleagues / teammates also to have complete peaceful work environment. and Team spirit

You can add TOTAL WEALTH SERUM in this healing for all your team members along with LOVE SERUM to utilise the talent pool and execute the project successfully.

To male members, you can also send ALPHA MALE SERUM. For female members send ALPHA WOMAN SERUM

Pl note only VK users can use Love Serum and this serum can be used ONLY for improving relations of SELF with others

Click on all the hyperlinks for more learning and exploring VK possibilities with ease.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and LOVE SERUM for VK users to improve our OWN relations
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