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VK Tip 60 : Peace for whole family, family unity, family love and bonding

If you know a Family , where there are lot of Fights and family members shout at each other.
Can you help all of them using VK in a simple way ?

Yes you can charge their Drinking water tank/ Matka with CALM DOWN SERUM. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE for an enhanced effect.

:3 Take a picture of their water tank in your cell. Hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times. Keep VK on the image of that tank for 1 min per liter of water. VK is free for next request.

Then say CALM DOWN SERUM 3 times and keep VK on the same pic for 1 min per liter of water. The water is charged. VK is free for next request.

You can take the picture only once and charge it daily with VK.
No need to click pic daily.

:3 If you don’t have the option to click the picture, Just write on paper

“Drinking water tank at XYZ’s home” and charge. The written words on the paper becomes the medium to charge the real drinking water tank at XYZ’s home.

:3 If you don’t have a paper, you can simply request,
VK please charge Drinking water tank at XYZ’s home with CALM DOWN SERUM x 3, Keep VK aside for 1 min per liter of water.

:3 If you don’t know the capacity of water tank in liters, just keep VK aside for 15 to 20 min after each energy request.

Just remember , VK is an intentional tool and can send energies to any distance, so find your easy ways to send energy through water, even if you don’t have access to water containers at any distance.

:3 Daily dose of Calm Down Serum helps aggressive, angry people to calm down to normal mental state. The time for healing will depend on severity of situation and charged water intake frequency.

In this way you can give them multiple doses in an easy way and make yourself free for other healing.

Additional Tip : You can also charge the same image with energy of PEACE and HARMONY or LOVE, in addition to CALM DOWN SERUM.
Charge these energies back to back, one at a time.

Click on the hyperlink, and read how CALM DOWN SERUM helps.

Thank you Sharat Sir for gift of VK and Mental healing Cosmic Serums.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips



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