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VK TIP 59 : You are the best creation of Divine, Self love, attract more love.

When you look in the Mirror..... do you feel the person in the mirror is the BEST creation of Divine.

If No, VK is there for you.

<3 SELF LOVE is most important. Love others but love yourself too.

Lack of self love can result into self pity, negative emotions, health problems. One may miss to attract many things in life due to such negativity.

<3 BEAUTY SERUM with MOOD UP SERUM is the best remedy with VK. GOLDEN SUNRISE to Enhance The Effect. You can add ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (for females) or ALPHA MALE SERUM (for males) to have a charming personality and much more.

<3 Hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times and rotate VK over drinking water bottle for 15 to 20 times (for upto 2 lit water). Then say BEAUTY SERUM 3 times and rotate VK over the same bottle 15 to 20 times. Then say MOOD UP SERUM 3 times and rotate VK over the same bottle 3 times.

Then charge with ALPHA WOMAN/MALE SERUM as appropriate.

Drink a sip of this charged water at least 6 to 8 times or more daily.

<3 This will help to restore self love and open your mind to attract beautiful things and beautiful people in your life.

Click on the hyperlinks to learn more about how these energies work.

<3 Additional Tip : You can watch this video on affirmations by Sharat Sir and request VK to enhance the effect of this video for you.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips


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