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VK TIP 58 : Food intolerance, allergy ....energise foods to negate such effects

If you have Intolerance to certain foods but you still want to have it to complete your Nutritious Diet. VK can help you.

Simply charge those foods with GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM.

All Clear Serum can help in removing unwanted effects.

Example : If you can't have Banana , because you feel it gives you cough. You can charge with ALL CLEAR SERUM and then eat.

Additional tip : You can use this tip for drinking water also to negate undesirable effects from water treatment

You can also request for foods like this
VK "Please negate the effect of gluten/ monosodium glutamate / pesticides" and such ingredients if you wish. Specify which effect you want to negate.

Just request to VK 3 times and place VK on this food item for 5 to 10 min depending upon the size if the food packet.

Thank you @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for gifting us VK to make our lives easy.

Do share your experiences with VK tips.


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