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VK TIP 57 : Drive your car or vehicle with confidence, Travel safe, Learn driving with ease

My car is my great companion. I am passionate about driving . But the moment I touch the steering wheel, I get scared and I quit .

B) If you are going through this , VK is there to take care of you.

Request VK for BRAVO SERUM. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE for an enhanced effect.

You can charge your water with VK. Just hold VK and say
VK GOLDEN SUNRISE x 3 and rotate VK over water approx 20 times (for upto 2 lit water ).
Then say BRAVO SERUM x 3 and rotate VK over the same water approx 20 times.

BALANCE SERUM can be added without a second thought.

B) Drink this regularly to overcome any type of fear not only the fear of driving.

You can take BRAVO SERUM by any other methods convenient to you.

Do read about BRAVO SERUM here in this link

Additional tip : When you travel , request VK for SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for self , for your car and for fellow passengers if any.

You can help others who are learning to drive vehicles with BRAVO SERUM and STUDY SERUM. or going for Driving license test

Thank you @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for VK and BRAVO SERUM to live fearlessly.

Do share your experiences on VK Tips to motivate all of us !!




    I added VK Deva, GOLDEN SUNRISE activate joyful driving for me NOW x 3 before starting. Just it took my confidence to all different levels.

    Thank you Sharat sir and VK teachers.
  • @Chetandurdi

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. You adopted simpliest and easiest way of requesting VK in your own words.

    Keep sharing
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your experiences and sharing Thank you
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