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LUPUS : Healing Beyond Restrictions of a Disease, A State of Body and Mind

My friend has an Autoimmune Disease which is rare, Lupus. There are no medications so far and she had this started more than 15 yrs back. All vital organs affected and multiple surgeries with pain and limitation on water intake and many more restrictions.
I started sending her energy of MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA around 2yrs back with VK directly. After few months she said she was better. Her last surgery was bypass that too below 45 yrs of age. So I started sending HEART SERUM with VK in water.

Then she used to write to me about her unbearable pains, so in between PAIN CARE SERUM was sent. After more than 8 months, she mentioned she was better. She could not drink more water as her Proteins were high so Limited water intake and she would not divide that water.

I gave her KEY PEN SERUM for her Proteins Balancing and Kidney functioning.

When I met @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor , I requested for a Serum for her and many other diseases which I know have no hope in medical field. I was so happy that he said Yes for all and Definitely he will.

Meanwhile , she started taking interest in reading about positive thoughts and some traditional practices to keep the energy high. Her pains reduced, her activities increased. She wanted to do social work when she saw me but said she doesn't know what life gives her on that particular day when she decides to go out. So would Never be sure with any commitments

After 15 months she visits orphanages spastics and eye camps.
Her water bottles increased from 1 to 3. Her messages changed from "I am in pain to how are you doing, let's meet. "

I also used BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY with VK for her, as i felt she was affected by her past health and personal experiences in life. She expressed acceptance to many life situations including health.

I was the most happiest person in May 2017, Sir told me he launched IMMUNE SERUM for Autoimmune disease and to Boost the immunity. It was a beautiful gift. Now I am giving her IMMUNE Serum since then. Every morning I send GOLDEN SUNRISE to her whole body.

Like this I keep on changing energies for her depending on her situation. Sending PERFECT HEALTH SERUM for stamina and GYM SERUM for flexibility. Sometimes MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA more frequently.
Many times I added SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to the drinking water for her protection and to prevent from negative thoughts from others.

And I don't ask her maybe sometimes in 1.5 to 2 months for progress/status. I never think if VK is working or not when i am not in touch with her. I always put an intention to VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE for her happiness and wellbeing.
Now it so happens that I can sense her need and I change energies, then it turns out that that is what she needed at those times. My intuition through my VK has got aligned with her needs in a bigger way.

Someone may wonder why i have posted this in VK Success Stories, when i am still continuing with VK for her.

This has been a Great learning experience that..... Disease is a State of body and mind , where symptoms restrict our ways of life. It may drain a person mentally with increasing symptoms, further adding to more physical and mental trauma.

Her medical reports show improvements and sometimes requiring attention, Medical reports may talk something, but the Stamina increases, Pain reduces, Acceptance to past and present increases, Improvement happens with lesser symptoms, Severity of symptoms reduces, the functions of Vital Organs improves, Person can still do many Physical activities which was restricted earlier, there is increase in mental strength.......

VK made way to have better life inspite of doctors declaring it a medical condition with hopes miles away.

I feel happy and blessed when I hear her happiness with health. Thanks to VK and Sharat Sir . I don't know how blessed we are to be with him. Cannot be measured. Many times i feel short of words to express Gratitude to Sharat Sir and Divine VK changing lives beyond words !!



    Thank you for sharing the lessons and what serum can help her. I am trying to get her confidence to allow me to charge her water.
    Some good part is that she is not yet reached the time for getting the operation for organs. And her mother shown good interest of her getting well after she met the mentally challenged kid in my family and the improvement he is showing.

    I will start with GS + Immune S + BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY + Moodup S + MAHA MRITYUNJAY Mantra energy.

    Thank you Sharat Sir for blessing mankind with such beautiful gift and caring mentors. :thankyou

  • @Chetandurdi

    Thanks for your thanks and kind words. You can charge her home drinking water tank/matka with these energies. She will get the effect.

    Put an intention to VK that your relative receives a VK itself as a blessing.

    Good to know its an early stage....please do VOB of Immune System if possible for you

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts for your dear ones.
  • :thankyou @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Ji,
    For this Lesson to have patience as well know the energy requirements as well.

    :thankyou Sharat Sir.
    :thankyou VKay.

  • Wow thank you so much for sharing Rakhiji and thank you Sharat Sir for VK
  • Dear @Rakhi,

    Although you are on an above platform to be acknowledged of your work towards wellness to many, please accept my heartiest congratulations on this tremendous achievement.

    As you wonder, No one should think why the above has been posted in VK Success Stories. As it has been posted because, it belongs to this category. You are the one who have added stars to the group by resolving most difficult cases (nearly impossible) in medical terms. Success is not always cent-percent curing. Success is bringing ease...relief......from agony.

    May God bless and the miracle happens.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you Sanjay Sir for the wishes and kind encouraging and appreciating words to me.

    Thank you for the blessings....hoping more miracles .

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK, we get blessed to be the medium to bring happiness.

  • Wow thank you so much for sharing Rakhiji and thank you Sharat Sir for VK
  • Woww thankyou for sharing with us didi, yes very well said by Sanjay Sirji you have amazing achievements with VK that are difficult in medical world.
    Divine blessings to you Golden Sunrise to all your efforts didi :heart:
  • @Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher

    Thank you for your thanks .

    @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for your thanks and blessings and appreciation.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all !!
  • Thanks Mam for this valuable information. My son aged 22yrs also suffering from autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondylitis (HLB 27 positive). And suffering from Sarcolik joint pain and frequent Cough and Cold issues. I am giving him a combination of Perfect Health Serum,Pain Care Serum,Gym Serum,Zapper Healing 9v 10 khz(for any infections in the body) and Maha Mitrunjay Mantra Distantly.
    As in this Disease The Immune System Attacks the body parts can we still use Immune Serum.
    I have two VK,s can I give two different types of combination of 5 energies in each combination. One for his health and one for his well being(GS,SO7R,ACS,TWS and Balance Serum) for his career growth and job.
    Kindly Guide
    Best Regards

  • @opu1969


    You can also do VOB of affected organs with GOLDEN SUNRISE and MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA daily.

    See if you can charge his drinking water. In this way your VK will be free for many requests and he will get more doses of VK charged water.

    Instead of using 2 VKs as for 2 separate request. Use the BOOST method.

    At one time do health healing. Boost with 2nd VK
    Then do wealth healing with one VK and boost with second VK.

    In this way, you can generate extra healing energy for him.

    Type BOOST on litairian website to check that method with examples.
  • Many-Many thanks.

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