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VK TIP 56 : Eve teasing, bullying, sarcastic remarks, protect young girls, children and women

:3 Is there a way for Not to get affected by Bullying , Eve Teasing , Destructive Criticism for our children especially girls.

Yes VK can help with a special protective energy SHIELD OF 7 RAYS.

Just request to VK
VK please give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS SHIELD OF 7 RAYS SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to xyz/ any person's name.

:3 This will either stop people from doing such acts against the receiver or the receiver may not get affected by these acts.

SHIELD OF 7 RAYS is a special energy system invented by Sharat Sir which works only with VK.

:3 Do take this energy at least twice a day and even more especially when you are out or you need more protection.

Send this energy more frequently depending upon the need of the situation and based on your inner guidance.

:3 If anyone is Returning home Late Night or Travelling Late Night or Travel through Lonely Areas, the frequency of this energy sending can be increased.

To know more about SHIELD OF 7 RAYS click here.

Thank you @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for protection with VK and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips

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