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VK TIP 54: Energize your kitchen recipe for good taste, attractive yummy look,delicious food serving

Are you wondering if there is a way to make the Cooked Food more Delicious with VK.

Yes there is .

B) While Cooking you can send BEAUTY SERUM to your Recipe using VK just with your intention. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE for an enhanced effect.

While cooking if your are wearing VK , just request in your mind
"VK please send
to the food I am cooking now".

B) You can even charge after the recipe is ready.

Your recipe will taste super delicious.

<3 Additional Tip : You can even charge food cooked by others with these energies using VK and appreciate their cooking giving credit to them . This can bring a smile on their face ...the one who feeds you.

To know more about BEAUTY SERUM, click on this link

Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK and BEAUTY SERUM in our lives !!

Do share your experiences with VK Tips



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