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VK TIP 53 : Mimic MANTRA Energy, Mahamrityunjay mantra or any other mantra

How to send the energy of MANTRA. Do you need to recite the whole Mantra? Is counting required with VK???

:3 With VK, you can simply send the energy by requesting with the Title of the mantra. VK has this beautiful feature of Mimicking other healing modalities including Mantras.

Example: To send the energy of the Mahamrutyunjaya mantra to a hospitalized person.

Just hold VK and say
VK Please send

:3 Vibbes Kada is an intelligent cosmic energy tool when we send energy we do not define the volume in counts like 51, 108, or 10000...etc as the need of the situation/place/person can be any number and may change.

Hence whenever we send the energy, you can choose not to define the number and just give the request, the needful energy for the situation will reach the receiver with a simple request to VK.

For example, when we are sending the Health Mantra... Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra to a sick person, we cannot define his/ her need of energy humanely.

So via Vibbes Kada, we send just the energy, … the required will be sent to restore his wellness.

:3 For critical cases, keep sending the energy every 10 min or as frequently as possible. Keep requesting allowing the Divine energies to making way for the best journey of the soul.

Read about MAHAMRUTYUNJAY MANTRA here, as explained by Sharat Sir

This tip applies to other Mantras also.

You can even charge drinking water with Mantra just with the title of mantra.

Additional Tip: When you love to chant Mantras, you can do it while wearing VK or holding VK between your palms.

<3 I love to chant Gayatri Mantra while wearing VK. Sometimes I request VK to enhance the effect of this chanting to me.

Do share your experiences with VK tips.

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