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VK TIP 52 : Shape up your body to desired shape, curves, enhance femininity or masculinity

Feeling embarrassed of irregular shapes at some body parts.

Let's Shape up the Body with VK.

It's possible to improve the shape of body parts like chin, arms, breasts, love handles, tummy, feet...

You can rub VK clockwise or anti-clockwise on such body portions with chanting of BEAUTY SERUM for 5 to 10 min daily or as frequently as possible. Keep the intention of "Perfect or Desired Shape Now and Forever".
Do this frequently till you get the desired shape.

You can also do this with ALPHA MALE/WOMAN SERUM...

To know more read here.....Process 1, Examples 2 and 3

Additional Tip: Take GOLDEN SUNRISE ALPHA MALE SERUM (For men) or ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (for women) and BEAUTY SERUM regularly in charged water or other methods......

Do share your experiences with VK Tips !!


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