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One month Experience with VIBBES SEEDER (life partner)

edited July 2018 in VIBBES SEEDER
Exactly a month ago I received Sharat Sir's second best invention VIBBES SEEDER!!! When I received the VS from courier person, that time itself I felt so energetic and placed it as per @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher maam instructions. The divine VS magic started from day one, my mother who usually wake up tired post 9 or 10. From day one with VS, mostly by 7:30 my mother is getting and that too full fresh and energetic. Our house alternation work was held up from past two years and it was completed in past two weeks. Overall the floor is filled with divine energy and I feel like staying in the house since it so calming effect perviously there was some kind of irritation if I stay for long hours. Thanks to Sharat sir for blessing us with such a immense divine Yantra for overall wellbeing.


  • @girichander

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences with VIBBES SEEDER.

    Its indeed a blessing in our lives. Thanks to Sharat Sir for the wonder combination of VS and VK to all of us.

  • @girichander

    I just saw you put a tag to your VS....Life Partner .

    Thats wonderful way of expressing. It says all !!
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher : Thanks maam and Sharat Sir indeed blesses us with lifetime inventions :-) I have come across tools to negate vaastu and other related effects which costs lakhs of ruppee, Sharat Sir has been generous with us for giving an opportunity with infinite tool.
  • Woww amazing, thankyou for sharing @girichander ji your experiences with VS. i
    can sense your happiness and feelings at your living place now as i am also experiencing miracles of VS at my home.
    This is so true that our gratitudes and energy exchange can't payback all the efforts made by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for VK, VS and Cosmic Serums.

    Please keep sharing your experiences girichander ji, it will keep motivating all of us :thankyou
  • Thanks for your thanks Puneetji :-) Very much excited day by day, I'm yet to try hugging VS and sleeping.
  • @girichander ji, yes please try and share your experience i am curious to read more from VS users now.
    I have been going on some observation after VS at my home, will share some more feelings.
    For the hugging VS was not tried intentionally it happens by Divine grace Energy of VS. i feel when something happens on its own is always unmatchable.
  • I got VS to my home. The divine timing so perfect as it's 5th anniversary of house warming ceremony. :kiss

    Instantly started feeling energy after taking out the VS from box.

    My thoughts stoped completely and felt very calm. Also felt humming sound in ear.

    GS to Sharat Sir for such a beautiful and energetic blessings. Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for supporting through out until getting VS and clearing all the concerns. :thankyou
  • @Chetandurdi

    Thank you Chetan for sharing your very 1st experience rather feelings with VIBBES SEEDER, a wonder solution and invention by Sharat Sir.

    Thank you for your thanks, with all Glories to Sharat Sir , I learnt from his experiments in invention of VIBBES SEEDER and knowledge shared by him, that i could answer all your concerns.

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