Healing my aged Father

My father is 75 years of age weighing 70 kgs was healthy till last August , 2016. On Sept, 2016 he fell on roadside while returning after his quarterly health checkups.

He got multiple fractures on his spine (disc problem) and doctor told even though "operation" is the only solution, he cant suggest it for my father due to his age problem. Now, father cant move from bed without anyones support. He is also suffering from Rhematoid Arthritis.

As we live in Kerala and due to my fathers "weekest" position, we cant come to Sharatsir for his Healings session. All the family members are very concerned and worried on this issue.

Dear VK Teachers and friends can you please suggest how can I heal my father with the help of VK and various healing Serums/ Mantras etc. and bring his old joy back.

Please help.

Golden Sunrise to all.


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