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Spiritual Journey of Sharat Sir from beginning to inventing this magical tool VK..

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Greetings Sharat Sir... Very few people must be knowing your spiritual journey which led to invention of VK..Would you mind sharing the same in short and also few unique case studies that came up in your life and how they were solved with or without VK...if it is not too much to ask...I am sorry if it is not the right question to be discussed in this forum. Thanks & Regards


  • @Rian

    As discussed with Sir, i am posting the reply to your question on his behalf.

    You have asked a question which every individual be it a VK user or non VK user would like to know.

    Sharat Sir's journey leading to invention of VK is through his Efforts and Tapasya (spiritual evolution) for many years. He has many beautiful experiences where he witnessed unbelievable changes happening with VK while he was experimenting with VK (even before he launched VK).

    This forum will fall short to write his journey. Sir may write an article on this in future whenever its possible for him.

    Currently Sharat Sir is busy and working on new scientific inventions which would be solutions to many seemingly impossible problems on this Globe. Now his priority and focus is on those solutions.

    Please wait patiently for pleasant surprises in the form of new inventions by Sharat Sir!!

    Let us now participate on this forum with practical uses and learning of infinite possibilities with VK in the form of Questions and Answers !!

    Thank you !!

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    Thanks Rakhiji and appreciate Sharat Sir and you for considering to reply my question and giving prompt reply... I understand Sir is very busy in his research on uplifting mankind with his hard work and research of many years...I and surely many other people are happy to know, that Sir may write articles in future, whenever possible, about his spiritual journey... I am sending lots of gratitude and best wishes to Sharat Sir for his inventions and all VK teachers and guides who are guiding all VK users to use this magical tool for highest good of everyone and heal themselves and all those who need healing...Thanks once again.. :)

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