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Success in losing weight, activating sessions for cardio exercises

edited June 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Due to certain health issues I have put on weight during last 6 months,never bothered about it but one day I was counselling a patient about weight management and it's role in controlling heart problems.she said to me all your advice is fine but charity begins at home and then I realised that yes I have to be careful about my own health.I weighed myself and found that my BMI is going towards obesity. And I have around 15 kg to lose to achieve healthy weight range.And due to busy work schedule and troublesome weather doing any exercise physically is not possible.
So I started taking help from VK and cosmic serums around 2 weeks back.I started charging water with Golden Sunrise,Flab Down Serum,Gym serum,Alpha woman serum and Beauty serum and sipping it throughout day, charged my body lotions with these energies ,Did direct requests to VK to activate sessions for cardio exercises, And separately done another healing for imbalanced hormones by taking GS, ACS,Balance SERUM,Fem Serum
Within 2 weeks I have lost 8 kgs and I can feel the difference. I am more active and have got more stamina But I have never intended any healing to happen within a specified time.the intention is to go back to healthy weight
I am very happy with the results I have got so far.
Thanks VK, Sharat Sir and All VK teachers who are helping people with such an amazing set of ideas to use VK wisely
God bless all


  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher ji please accept my salute.
    You are a great motivation for us all the time, writing in so arranged beautiful way and using VK with perfection.
    Thankyou for sharing, yes this is the best way we suppose to do healing with intention of healthy weight whichever is and in any time the divine knows very well.
    Faith, patience and surrender everything in your experiences.
    Gratitudes to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for giving us opportunity to learn together. :kiss
  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    This is just amazingly WOW and Fantabulous.

    I loved your spirit to take your patient's sentence "Charity begins at home" so seriously.

    Best part is you are always determined to heal yourself whatever is the situation. It was a Perfect Intention to have a HEALTHY WEIGHT and you did not measure it with happening within a target time.

    There is so much to learn and follow in your experiences. Each line has a meaning.

    Like Puneet, I also SALUTE you for your willingness and determination to change your life in a beautiful way.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK following our hearts and willpower.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and willpower !!

    :thankyou for sharing your :beautiful experiences

  • Wow super awesome....what an achievement.... will surely try this for myself. Thank you so much for sharing....inspired
  • How to take cardio sessions through Vk @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher
  • Superb.just what i was lookin for
  • @Deepali_Shah28
    Request VK like this: VK Golden Sunrise
    please activate a 30 minute session of cardio exercise for me *3 times
    There are some wonderful ideas given by @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher in one other discussion about weight loss about to make requests to mimic sessions of different exercises
  • Thank you will start doing what is mention to do
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    Please do mimicking of exercises with intention safety and security.

  • How to mimicking excersice and can I give 60mins session of cardio and running? And if I am activating it for 60mins so do I need to keep Vk aside for 60mins or 30mins @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    VK does any autohealing for 30 min. After 30 min VK is free.

    When you request for 60 min session will give that energy during its 30 min.

    However think whether you really need a 60 min cardio session !!!!!

    What effect are you expecting in 60 min cardio ?
  • I am 30kg overweight I tried lots of exercise, lots of weight loss treatments and medicine but everything is failed my appetite is also not much. So basically I asked for 60min sessions for everything at least this can help me to loose weight. @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
  • @Deepali_Shah28 mam,
    We understand your need to reduce excess fat and to get perfect body shape.

    three times for me (with safety and security).
    VK has own wisdom you will recieve as per your requirement and no restrictions of time in this request.

    You can also charge water with same request and then place a direct request then it will give you booster.
    But please use same request at a time
    For example; if you are charging water with cardio then also place a direct request of session of cardio only both at a time.

    :smile: also do VOB or rub VK in the excess fatty area of body with chanting of FLAB DOWN SERUM.

    You can also watch this swichword video by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji to get your perfect body shape.
  • Hi @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher as suggested by u I started following same thing but instead of reducing I increased more 4kg within a 1 week span even in a day I drink 7-8 mug of warm water I charge it with flab down serum, gym serum, alpha women serum and golden sunrise.
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    In one week, weight increase of 4 kg needs medical attention. Please consult a good doctor.

    Also Cosmic Serums will take time to work, and its not due to Cosmic Serums that weight would increase. You can continue with VK healing anyways.

    Check your eating habits, the weight building might be happening earlier also. But maybe now you are correlating it with VK healing.

    Also check your emotional status. Many people tend to eat and sleep more with emotional stress. May be you need to take Cosmic serums for your emotional healing too.

    Find out the cause of this weight gain ......and treat that cause too.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your healing !!

  • Maam m not blaming Vk cos I know it will take time for result n I have to keep patience it just I want to know either m doing it in proper manner or not. And I hardly get time to sleep in a day for 5-6hours.
  • @Deepali_Shah28

    You can watch the announcement post by Sharat Sir....which has videos on how to charge water and follow it.

    Also follow the signals. Taking energies is one thing but you may need to do actions....find the cause of weight gain.

    Earlier VK users have shared success stories that they got to know about a Nutritionist who helped , some joined Gym , some got motivated to reduce Junk food and they replaced it with healthy food , for some it was releasing mental stress through meditation.

    So follow the signals....see what comes to you.
    Serums work on body and mind both.

    If there are mental blocks to follow some need to follow when there is a sign received.

    One VK user came across a health fitness program nearby to residence. So the person happiy accepted.

    This action of following signals and finding the root cause is important part of healing. Its not only patience . Its patience with actions .

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