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Baby Steps with VK....ONE WEEK WITH VK

edited April 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

It has just been about a week since i was blessed with VK in my life and I have already started experiencing the healing power of the Serums and VK.
1. Healed an oncoming throat infection by drinking charged water a few times a day.
2. Healed my IBS and symptoms of Stomach infection by directly requesting to VK and also by charged water
3. On one specific day, I made an expensive impulsive purchase and felt guilty after words and was feeling very down and gloomy. Used MOOD UP serum a couple of times and within a matter of 30 mins, I was able to settle down.

These are minor healing instances, but for me, it is a milestone. I look forward to a miraculous journey with VK.

GOLDEN SUNRISE GRATITUDE and LOVE to SHARAT Sir and the wonderful VK Teachers and guides for their support and Help.


  • @agankur

    Wow. Thats amazing. Thanks fr sharing.

    I request you to share the energies you charged your water with for IBS and throat infection.

    It will be learning for many.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and willingness to share your happiness with all of us
  • Thank you!

    for IBS - DIGEE SERUM in water and also direct request to VK "please heal my stomach".
    for ENT - ALL CLEAR SERUM and ENT SERUM. both in water.


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