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VK TIP 46 : Unusual Child behaviour crying shouting or aggressive or stubborn

If children, sometimes start behaving differently like continuous crying or gets stubborn or sudden aggression. :'(
How can we help them with VK.

You can give BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY with VK along with applicable serums as given below
May be something has happened in past with the child , there can be an illness or arguing parents or some fear of past event. The child cannot express but behaves differently.

To know applications of BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY, click on the hyperlink. VK can Mimick BACH FLOWER REMEDIES too and it can be given by any of the methods with VK.

If the child additionally remains aloof or depressed, add MOOD UP SERUM .
If the child becomes stubborn or aggressive, add CALM DOWN SERUM.

To know difference between MOOD UP SERUM or CALM DOWN SERUM.

In all cases add GOLDEN SUNRISE for an enhanced effect.

Charge water, food or give regularly by any methods .

Hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times and rotate VK over water bottle for 15 to 20 times (up to 2 lit water).
Then say BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY 3 times and rotate VK over the same bottle 15 to 20 times.
Then say MOOD UP SERUM 3 times and rotate VK on same bottle 15 to 20 times.

You can add BALANCE SERUM without a second thought.

The number of doses will depend on the need of the situation.

Additional Tip :
1. Allow the child to recover without putting any pressure.
2. Encourage the child what it loves to do
3. Parents can take CALM DOWN SERUM if they feel too worried thinking about the child.
4. You can give ALL CLEAR SERUM to situation


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