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Feel good and Relaxing experience with VIBBES SEEDER.

With immense Gratitude and love to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji, I am sharing another amazing experience with my VIBBES SEEDER.

VS is invented by Sir to release negativity, earth energies and other harmful radiation.
Tratak Meditation with VS is another speciality which is so beautifully describe by Sharat Sir.

I am enjoying presence of VS at my home with some lovely experiences, yesterday noon-time i was holding VS in my hands just talking to it "oh my dear VS i welcome your presence in my home, i am ready to experience your miracles.
Gratitudes to Sharat sir for their efforts."
And during talking to VS like this i laydown on my bed and keep hugging VS, i fall asleep.
After 45 minutes i regain consciousness and then wokeup.
During this i feel huge vibrations and tingling on my Heart chakra - chest region, my body was getting lighter & lighter and then i slept.
After wokeup the feeling was very relaxed and whole body was fully energetic.

I don't know this experience is small or big for you readers here but my feelings and happiness is always big for sharing this.
The party with VS is going on and with more & more surprises awaiting.
Keep on experimenting and Sharing.
GOLDEN SUNRISE to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for all your efforts :kiss


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