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    July 26
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    July 19
  • Golden Sunrise
    I have been VK user for some time now with many good results.
    I need some extra help with this one please.
    My niece baby born 26 June...low sugar levels, not drinking well constipated.
    Lots of healing sent and getting results.
    Excess fluid in brain...head getting bigger.
    Please assist with what mantras can be added.
    I am doing ps on head to clear excess brain fluid
    July 12
  • need help, i have one case, she has PSTD, BPD, Anxiety and depression, so which serum i gave her with VK

    July 10
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    July 8
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    July 1
  • Alevnnyl

    I invested large amount of money in a company, When I request for money back, he refused to return the money. We did go to the court but was ubsuccessful. Please give me a switchword to recover all my money back. Thanks

    June 30
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    June 30
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    June 27
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    June 24
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    June 22
  • Hi Golden Sunrise,

    This is Raama Rao from Hyderabad. I had a beautiful experience with VK to share. I had severe ankle pain for the past 3 months. I bought Divine VK in December 2019. I tried many medicine, but the pain was not still there and excruciating. I charged water with Perfect Health Serum + Pain Care serum + Golden sunrise. The pain reduced little bit, but still pain was there troubling me in walking. Some time back I saw some post where someone requested VK directly to release all the negative energies involved in the pain. So I tried same technique and requested Divine VK to release all the negative energies involved in my ankle pain. Within in 3 days i did not even realize that my pain has completely relieved and I can walk without any ankle pain now. So wonderful... Thank you Sharat sir for creating such a wonderful device called VK. God bless you sir. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    With warm Regards,

    Raama Rao

    June 8
    • Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
      Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
      GOLDEN SUNRISE. Please share your experiences in section discussion. Click on ASK A QUESTION and repost this
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    May 29
  • Golden SunRise!
    @Sharath Sir / Rakhi Mam

    Can u please suggest Serum name to Remove White patches from Face.

    Thank you
    May 24
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    May 21
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    May 19
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    May 15
  • VK helped me to start my car:

    Golden Sunrise friends. Yesterday I went to my parking lot to start my car after long interval of Lockdown. I tried a lot on ignition start. But my car did not respond me. Battery was completely discharged. I request my VK 3 times to start my car. Than miracle happened. Very next moment with one ignition car responded.....

    Thanks VK. Thanks all Cosmic Energies. Thanks Divine. Thanks Sharat Sir...
    May 5
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    May 12
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  • KK
    Golden sunrise rakhi .
    One of my friends daughter has kidney failure problem .she need to go for dialysis every week.her age is only 13yrs.please help me what to do with VK
    April 25