Mesmerised by VK, releasing negative emotions, My VK experiences in one week

Golden Sunrise

I have just got my lingcho VK last week. Since I had so many issues i used VK. The moment I got VK and wore it there was a sense of calmness in me.

For the past 7 months I have been suffering from very bad acidity...anxiety attacks and also chronic sinusitis...Before the arrival of VK Mdm Selvarani and Mdm Rakhiji guided me and also sent me healing. I was always in confused state. I then started taking ayurvedic medicine last week which helped me.

Yesterday as per advise of Madam Selvarani i did psychic surgery for my stomach...nose and also brain.

I PS 3 times and i felt the difference...There was less gas blocked ears opened up a little and my dizziness was very much less. I was overjoyed. I felt very much alive. I will continue with PS til I get cured.

I now realised how bad is negative emotions being kept in oneself. I did not know how to get rid of it. With VK I am getting out of it and my fear of something going to happen to me is slowly getting out of me. VK is truly a magnificent tool for one's overall being. It heals one til the roots.

Thank you Sharat Sir...


  • @Jeyanthi85

    Wow Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to Selvarani ji , she was sending you energy with patience answering all your questions before receiving VK

  • Awesome jeyanthi. I am glad you are experiencing great things with vk. Delighted that vk chose you. Keep experimenting with vk
    Golden sunrise
  • Excellent start. Stay Blessed.
  • Wonderful experience.
  • Wonderful experience thankyou for sharing
    Gratitudes to VK
    Gratitudes to SharatSir
  • Stay blessed
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher do negative emotions get stored in stomach? i am too facing a similar situation of constant fear of wrong happening with me, having stomach issues sinusitis migraine all the time.
  • @Narayani

    Yes fear can cause digestive issues and this in turn may result to migrane or headache.
  • Golden sunrise!

    New user of VK, got mine in July . I have lot of long standing issues and started working on them.VK keeps me calm. Yesterday I had bad acidity ,requested VK to heal the acidity with Digee serum and within a short time total relief. Gratitude to Sharat sir for VK and VK forum for helping out new comers like me. ????????
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