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    August 19
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  • Thoughts and vk , a wow experience :) .
    Today whatever i wanted , how i wanted it happened exactly the same way . I mean i was just wearing vk . I was not even touching vk or anything. And at the speed of my thoughts it was happening next minute . I mean so wonderful .
    I wanted a outing in park with my son and he should have a nice time .
    Wanted to watch mission mars today , 7.20 show , 1st row .
    Didnt get tickets in 1st 2 cinemas then 3rd i went but thought that movie wasnt shown and while coming out thought next will send my hubby and he will surely get and came out . Then my hubby showed the big poster of the movie in, and i sent him and he got the tickets , 7.20 show , 1st row . I was like wow :) . Then we went to park had nice time , and saw movie .
    I wud like to say 1 thing they tell when u want something really then whole universe will conspire to get it for u .
    VK is a cosmic energy tool , its like we r carrying the universe with us , So things can be so superfast.
    August 15
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      Thank you so much for the approval ????????
      Thank you so much for the approval Sir/Ma'am.
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    Thanks Arun sure I will
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  • Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir,
    Thank you for replying. Will definitely follow treatment suggested by you.

    Golden Surnrise,

    April 29
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